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Sand in Bladder ?

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Hello Everyone, before I go to far here I'm posting for a co-worker at my part-time job who has a cat and no computer.

My co-worker brought her cat in to her vet last week and after a extensive stay (and depleated funds), vets declared 'sand in bladder' and to either put Skreetch down or let him live out his life as he is.

I'm a guinea pig person myself, but from what I know of pigs, this sounds like hog-wash to me. But I don't know anything about cats either. Can someone help me?

I want to get Skreetch into my vet but we have to wait until she gets her tax returns. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I have never heard of such a diagnosis, or prognosis. I highly suggest the kitty see a different vet. The only thing I can think may be similar is FUS, here is a website that gives some details.

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Could the cat be eating cat litter Sandie? But if it was eating that much surely it would be noticeable? Just thinking out loud here-
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Thank you Sandie, I'm going to print that out along with one I got from another member from my pigs forum which was this one.

To me, it sounds like sludge (cat term?), I do recall her saying her vet told her to feed only wet food and I remember reading somewhere else what someone went to feeding hamburger, tuna an such human food and their furry friends are for the better of the switch. I've mentioned that to her as well as I told her what animal food is really made of.
I appreciate the help though, if anyone else has something to add.
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Maybe the vet meant crystals? Crystals can often be irritating to the bladder, and I could see the vet referring to them as sand. Actually, if you search on Yahoo for "sand in the bladder", you'll find some sites about rabbits and bladder disorders. My guess is the vet is using the same term to refer to a type of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD). If that is the case, then the cat could probably be treated with a change in diet, extra fluids, and medication. I think that your coworker should definitely consider getting a second opinion. Maybe she could call and talk to your more trusted vet and get some advice, since finances are tight.
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Crystals are a possibility, yes.
I'm a bit strapped on time and can't do any more searches tonight, this is my last post actually tonight, but I know I have to make a trip down to my vet (hour drive) to drop off a disk tomarrow, so I'm goint to try and discuss it with someone then if not my vet herself.

We're also going to be calling my co-workers vet to try and get some terms out of him, I'll probably end up speaking with that one myself! I want to see the x-rays as well and will try and bring them to my vets office.
Not holding my breath there.

Is there a safe and unsafe meds. chart on this board somewhere? Or can someone point me to one?
Thanks everyone! Every little bit helps.
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