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Suggestions please

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Well I did it I committed my Chynna girl to getting spayed/neutered on the 28 of this month. She will not be happy as she can not eat anything after 7 p.m. the night before. Any suggestions on getting thru that time will be greatly appreciated.
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give her lots of love and attention and dont feel bad, your doing her a favor.

its only one night, just keep reminding yourself she wont waste away!

good luck!
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It isn't a big deal, take up all food and water bowls, and just let her have the run of the house. Make sure she can't get into cupboards where food is stored, and be sure there is no garbage cans she can raid. She'll live with food for 12 hours. If she happens to get into food (sometimes they do) let the vet know because they won't perform the spay then.
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Ms. Chynna might not be happy, but its only one night and being spayed is much better for her health and well being, plus, who wants to be in heat all the time anyway? Maybe you can give her a very special dinner that night, does she have something she really likes? Maybe a little tuna or some meat baby food.
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