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New cat tree!

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Yea!!!! Hubby put together our new cat tree today!!!! Here are George and McKenzie checking it out. In the bottom pic there was a bit of a fight going on as to who's condo it was.

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Wow impressive.. looks like that one cost a couple bills. I hope the kitties appreciate it.. its massive!
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wow is right, that is awesome... congrats on the new tree!!!
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Originally Posted by captiva
SCHWEEEEEET :-) that is a cool one too!!

I did a double take on this picture thinking that there was a mirror on that tree!! what a cute picture!!
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Very nice cat-tree and it seems they like it too. Did all 5 try it yet?
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No Rita, Mama and Lizbeth haven't shown interest yet. I think I'm going to sprinkle some catnip on it. Megan seems to be just a little afraid of it.
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That's very nice!
Oh dear, I hope the neighborly dispute has been settled peacefully.
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Congratulations on getting a cat tree!! My cats love the one I got for them. I found that scratching the sisal rope posts with my nails got the interest of my cats. My 6 month old kitten loves to climb the posts.
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Oh, that looks like sooo much fun! I love George's expression on his face, so cute!
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Oooh what a nice tree - I was talking about getting a tree for my two when I get my tax refund back (mailed it yesterday but it's direct deposit so hope it's soon). Where did you get yours from again Chris? Was it pricey?
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Aw.... cute kitties! Nice tree!
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Check out eBay. I had been looking at the local Pet Shops and I ended up getting one off ebay. Even after paying for the shipping, I still saved over $100.00! You can not see the lowest level in this picture, but you can see most of it.

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Nice cat tree, looks like they're having fun.
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wow that thing is bigger then my apartment!!! I'm sure they love it!!
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Wow....its amazing! I've never before seen such a massive cat tree. I bet your babies REALLY enjoy it. Congrats!
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Chris it's great!

Maybe the others are letting the fur settle before they dare step foot on it . Hope the stand off ends peacefully!
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Chris it's lovely! Love that last picture of them having a duel though!, so funny
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Chris, that is great!!! I'm jealous!!
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That looks really nice.....I bet your kitties will enjoy it! That last picture is hilarious!

I got my cat condo at Petsmart a few years ago when it was on sale. I guess it was the previous years model or something because I paid about $89 for it which I thought was a really good deal because it's fairly big. (it's as tall as me)
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Wow WHEE! That Tree looks awesome! Can Leo come over and play?
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Magnificient, Chris!What fun! Everyone will absolutely love it once they all get a bit more used to it!Sierra wants to play, too!
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I'm sure they'll grow to love it. Jamie was unsure about his tree at first, but now has his daily siesta in it, and uses it to sharpen his claws. It's definitely a worthwhile investment.
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Soooo Cool Chris, is a wonderful tree!!!!!

Milky say: we can organizate a party on the new tree!!!!
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WOW! Saba wants to know if she can come over!!!
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Those are really cute pictures!
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Thanks everyone and tell Saba to come over. Megan took her green mouse with her to the top perch and then when the mouse fell over the side she dove off the top level. That would have been fine except George was in her landing spot. He moved at the last minute but it was really close
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Oh awesome cat tree!
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Love the tree!! I want to get Tiger one so badly, but the price is so high!!!
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yay chris!!! The tree looks great and it looks like your babies are loving it.
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Great tree! Where did you get it? I want, I want...
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