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Looking for a Kitten Collar

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I am getting a male ragdoll kitten at the end of march and am looking for a collar. I am guessing the ones for cats will be too big but then I am not sure if ragdoll cats are the same. Anyway i bought my other kittens collar from the USA but there company has now closed down. i have tried searching the net but not found much luck. Can anyone help me? Or know of where I can get one? I am willing to pay shipping costs to the Uk. You see the Uk don't seel kitten collars so I am desperately searching for somewhere that does.

Any help very much needed,

Eva xxx
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wilkinsons does a kitten collar as do most pet shops i've been to.

try ebay if not or pm me and i'll have a look in my local petshop tomorrow and take some pics. if you like any i'll give you their number or we could sort something out?
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Thank you, I have never seen any in the UK but after what you just said I will go and check out all my local pet shops and see if I can find any. If not I'll Pm you and let you know.

Thanks for the help, you are a lovely person :-)


Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
wilkinsons does a kitten collar as do most pet shops i've been to.

try ebay if not or pm me and i'll have a look in my local petshop tomorrow and take some pics. if you like any i'll give you their number or we could sort something out?
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Have you heard or Beastie Bands? The collar is extremely soft and is adjustable with velcro.
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like starlie said make sure its a breakaway collar (elasticated) like beastie bands or else if it got caught it could do some damage.

ahhh thank you, you wouldnt say that if you knew me in the mornings! lol
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DON'T GET A COLLAR!!! They are dangerous..... believe me!!!!
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Everyone has different experiences. All of my cats have had collars since they were kittens. I haven't had ANY problems with their collars *knock on wood*.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
DON'T GET A COLLAR!!! They are dangerous..... believe me!!!!
i'm still undecided about a collar personally but for some people they are a nessicary evil. i know that if my cat were to go missing very few people would think to take her to be scanned for a microchip (though she is chipped)

come summer when it will be impossible to keep her as a strictly indoor cat i think i'll have to get her a collar or else i run the risk of her being 'rescued' and me never seeing her again. something which happens a lot in this area.
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I got Rosie and Sophies from Wilkinsons and their the snap open type also.

Like Starlie i havent had problems*Also knocks on wood*and although Rosies microchipped i often wonder how many people would take them to a vet to be scanned?!, so for that reason i had my telephone number put on the disc.
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We used to use flea collars on the cats I had growing up, never had them get caught on anything or had any problems. After reading some of the experiences people here have had however, I would be a bit weary now of putting a collar on our cats.

What I think is important is the motivation. Are you doing this so your cat looks "Pretty" and "cute" to YOU? OR Are you doing this so your cat will be "protected" if it ever escapes and gets picked up.

If you answer "so its cuter" then don't get a collar.

If you answer "to protect him" then consider a micro-chip and if you do use a collar, be SURE Its a "break away" "safe" collar. Also be sure you adjust it as the cat gets bigger so you do not choke it as it grows.

Please, ask yourself why you feel your cat needs a collar and be honest with yourself. It is something that could potentially cause your cat great harm and not worth it just to look "Cute", or on the flip side it could lead to him coming home if he was wearing one with an id tag and he gets "picked up" by someone trying to rescue him (I think I would chip vs collar though myself).
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I am looking for a collar not for how it looks on my new kitten but to protect her. I want to know that if she does exacpe someone will see her collar with an ID tag on it and hopefully get in touch with me and bring her back to me.

I have had no problems with collars with my other 2 cats (one is 2 years old and one is 8 months) My older cat wears a normal cat collar and my kitten wears a kitten collar. I also have them all micro chipped and will get my new one done too but I like having both on there just to be on the safe side. plus when someone see's a cat with no collar they might not always think of it being micro chipped si it just makes me happier. Knowing that if my cat/kitten did exacpe I have more chance of getting him back and that he wont be trapped with people he doesn't know and wont know how to get back to me.

This post was manuily about asking if anyone knew where to get one as the company i got my previous cats/kittens collar from has closed down. Thanks for your concern though!

Hope I did not upset or affend anyone hear. I just want to pretect my pets if they get lost and many people use collars on there pets and its not always dangerous as i always use those safetly clips so if my babies get in danger/stuck it will just come off.

Many thanks

Eva x
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can you remember the companies name eva? you could do an ebay search for them
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Yeah i did re-serach for the company but they are gone. but however I still have there old email address and might drop them a quick line.

Thanks for the thought :-)
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Eva don't worry you didn't offend or upset anyone. Like i say even though i have Rosie microchipped they may not think about taking them to the vets to be scanned, so for that reason thats why i play safe and have "extra security" for them to have collars and tags on them with my number.

If you've ever seen Rosie and Sophies collars, their the ones i got from Wilkinsons that snap open. I'm in town on saturday if you want me to get you a couple, so p.m. me if you do!
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try the wilkinsons website for some pictures eva. if i go into the petshop near my uni tomorrow i'll take some pics on my camera phone if they have any nice ones and *try* to upload them (try being the operative word..)
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My boys wear this kind of collar:

It has a safety buckle, but it doesn't stretch, which I like, actually.

I found them at my local PetSmart for $7 a piece. I took off the silly bells, because they annoyed me. I attached tags that have their names, my name and phone # on them.

They have been wearing the collars since they were about 12 weeks, maybe less, and they adjusted within hours. They are now 4 and a half months, and they're perfectly used to them. They are strictly indoors for now, but I want them to be accustomed to wearing identification, in case I move and have opportunity to let them learn to be indoor/outdoor kitties, or just in case they were to get out.
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Thank you everyone Rosiemac has nicely offered to pick me up a collar for my new little boy this weekend. As she knows where to get hold of some so thanks very much for all your help and a big Thank you to Rosiemac

As soon as I get him at the end of march and take some photo's of him wearing it I promise I will let you all see him.

Love and hugs

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Those are very similar to the ones that mine wear that Carolinas put up Eva
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I couldn't find a cat one small enough for my little one so I ended up looking in the dog section at PetSmart and found they offered smaller sizes in that area. I don't know if you have the store there or not, but you could try if not.
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