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Anne, how are you doing?

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Hi Anne - I was just wondering how you're feeling lately? How's the pregnancy going? When are you due? (I'm sorry I can't remember.) How are the nursery preparations going? I know this time is so exciting, and I've been thinking about you lately. Fill us in!
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Thank you Dawn! We're doing fine. I just started the seventh month (week 28) this week so there's only 3 months left to go!

We're not going ahead with the preparations yet as there are some problems. A blood test that was done more than a month ago discovered a possible infection with CMV. It's a virus that can be extremely dangerous to the fetus We're doing further tests now and I hope we get some good results tomorow. If the results are not so good, we'll need to do another blood test and then maybe an amnio. Overall chances are really good so we try not to worry. Our doctor estimates that the chance that the baby was infected in one in 200, so we have like 99.5% chance that everything is okay.

Still, I prefer not to buy things until we get the all clear... The grannies to be say that we would be better off without all those tests anyway but in Israel prenatal care is very good and they get you to do every possible test there is.

Sorry about the long post... I didn't want to worry people so I didn't mention it. But you did ask...
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Please try to keep with the positive thoughts. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Anne - I'm sorry to hear you are having a few problems. I sure hope your tests come out ok. One out of 200 is pretty good in your favor! I would have all the tests too as I'm a huge worrier. Please let us know when you find out. I'll be praying...
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Anne, I hope all of your tests are fine. It sounds like the odds are in your favor and you will have a perfect baby very soon!
I had an amnio done with my first pregnancy. All of those sorts of tests are so scary, and I agree with the gramma's that say they are so unnecessary!!!!!!! I aged 20 years just waiting for the results!!
Good luck to you. Keep all of us posted.
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Anne, I hope everything is ok. I'll keep you and baby in my thoughts.
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Our hopes and prayers are with you:flower: :daisy: :flower:

Tish & Terry
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This is so unbelievable!

I got the test results yesterday and they were still high. What happened was we had low results for June and then very high results (10 times more) in September and now the same very high results in October.

My doctor wasn't sure what to do with these weird results so he refered me to a specialist in Jerusalem - the expert on CMV. She was very nice and immidiately suspected something was wrong with the lab results and she guessed exactly what was wrong. I talked to the lab and indeed they actually changed the test kits in August so the scale they're using today is totally different! That was all! The results were all the same throughout the three tests (which is good), it's just that the numbers were different because they used a different scale!

Would you belive this? so much worry over nothing! I am very happy of course. So tomorow we're off to do some shopping for the nursery I just hope it's all peaceful from now on... I don't think we had one quiet month this whole pregnancy!
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Darn those labs anyway! They get so backed up sometimes that mistakes are bound to happen. Glad this mistake was in your favor. Have you picked out names yet? What color are you and yours going to do the nursery in? Do you have a theme for the nursery? Well regardless, have a blast shopping for baby furniture! And again GREAT NEWS!!

: :
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Thats GREAT!!! Im so glad all is well!!! All the best for the rest of the pregnancy!!
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That is wonderful news, Anne!!! Congratulations.
Now, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, its the best time of your life ( at least it was mine ).
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What a relief!

I am so very happy for you.
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Congratulations on the good news. May the baby be happy and healthy.

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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Hurrah, Anne! This is wonderful news! I'm so glad all the worrying was for nothing. Have fun shopping!!
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Anne!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear this!! :

I can't wait to hear what all you buy for the nursery, and I am so happy for you that everything is alright!!
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