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I'm very happy for you Eva. I would be excited too!

Congratulations and we'll look forward to more and more and more pictures.
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"or you could look up how to pronounce blue in other languages for something a bit different"

That's how we named Rosso (red) and Bruno (brown)!

He is adorable, those blue eyes just melt your insides ....!

The little fluffballs look so beautiful - I had to pick the shortest haired cats I could find because of allergies.
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How gorgeous!!
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Thank you everyone for all your replies Its always lovely to hear from you. Its friday tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing my new little boy. I have spent the last 2 days making him a blanket so we have something that we can leave behind for him. And now its drawing so close to tomorrow I am even more excited. I just hope the weather will be ok for us to travel. I will be so upset if it isn't, but I know we'll do our best to go so fingers crossed hey?!

I will let you all know how we get on and will be taking some photo's of him. But due to not having a ditigal camera at the moment it will take a few days to get developed but as soon as they are you'll all be the first to see.

Take care and I'll come on tomorrow when I get back and tell you everything
Keep smiling

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Your beautiful boy will love his new blanket! Looking forward to more pics!
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Oh Eva i can imagine how excited you are!!

I think the snows starting to taper off now but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!.
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Those kitties are adorable!!
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Oh Eva - it's Saturday and I can't wait any longer - so....did you get to see your little boy and leave your blanket with him? Did everything go ok? Or was the snow too bad
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I have started a new thread all about seeing my little boy. To see it go to: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=44675

Everything went well and I am missing him so much already, I can't wait to get him home....
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