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Every one of our cat, with the exception of Cinnamon likes to smell me, then proceeded to bite me! :martian: This mainly happens after I have taken a shower with my nice smelly, fruity shower gel. I guess I must smell lucious to them, that they have to bite me. I usually have to toss them away from me or tell them no, or tap them on the nose! Yesterday, Gizmo tried to do this to my husband's feet after he got out of the shower. Oh, and they love the smell of my shampoo, too. They have to grab at my hair & chew on it! Does anyone else's cats do this to them?
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My oldest, Wilbur, has always been a biter. I tried to train it out of him but it just seems to be an integral part of his purrsonality! It's definitely an affection thing with him, but when it gets too rough, I put him down and ignore him. That works better than anything. But maybe you should change your shampoo and stuff?
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Khadija loooooves hand lotion. She does a little happy dance when I put it on and then (if I let her) she proceeds to lick it all off. She also loves Carmex lip gell. All of my other cats hate the smell of hand lotion and even cringe and make the funny ICK! face when I try to pet them just after putting it on.
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Loki loves my leather lambswool lined winter slippers - he "attacks" (bites) them, but only when they are on my feet. I could be lying on the couch and my feet (slippers) are being bitten - thank god they are so thick I don't feel anything!
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I must say Tigger you have me worried, Roxane of late has taken to licking me when I come out of the shower, mmmm does this mean she is sizing me up for the big chomp?
I will have to keep a very close eye on this situation.
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