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Update - view from kitchen window

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I remember last fall, that a member started a thread about views from the kitchen window. It may have been Wellingtoncats. I'm not sure.

Here is a recent photo taken from my kitchen window a few weeks ago.
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How very beautiful, Laurie!
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Yes Laurie, it was me. What a beautiful picture! I'll post mine when I get home from work. Thanks for sharing!
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Here is mine from last winter. We've got a couple of bird feeders out there and we get a tremendous amount of birds by our place. A lot of cardinals year round and many others that migrate thru at different times of year. This is why it is very difficult to keep the cats off the counter by our window. It's like a year round TV to them.

On the left of the picture is the door to our storm cellar and behind it a tiered garden mound that tops the storm cellar. In the distance is the big open field and beyond that (which you can't really tell because of the haze) are the woods. We've got 10 acres here.

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aww great! ours is snowy too
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You have nice views from your kitchen windows!
I took these a few minutes ago. As you can see, mine is just a wall of the driveway and a rock garden.

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okay Yayi i know you dont have snow there but id love to have your view
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I'd love to have your view, too, yayi! The view from my kitchen window is the same as my bedroom window and it's of the house across the street... When I was living at college I lived in a single room and this was the view from that window... I know it's not the kitchen but it's actually one of my favorite pictures that I took...

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Great views guys!!
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I don't have a window in my kitchen.
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