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Ode to vanilla extract

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I've been doing the through the door thing with my resident rulers and Jack, our newest foster boy (Chloe has her own room) Anyway, yesterday was the day he was finally released to general population. My girl of course got her panties all in a wad for hours hissing at him and stalking him and growling at him. Not really attacking him, but just unrelenting following him around telling him how much she doesn't like him Anyway, in order to preserve the sanctity of my sleep I doused them all with vanilla extract and went to bed, leaving my door open figuring they'd join me eventually and Jack would sleep downstairs. Imagine my surprise and amazement to awaken this morning to all three sleeping on the bed, no one was injured, maimed, or otherwise victimized. And there must not have been a middle of the night brawl, I'm sure I couldn't have slept through that!
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I regret not having known of the vanilla trick when Skinny joined us. I had to withstand frequent catfights between Joji and her until the day they signed their own peace treaty.
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i'll have to remember this trick when i finally convince the household that we NEED another cat!
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Glad to hear yet another success story with vanilla extract!

For future readers who may not know about this trick, douse is a figure of speach. You put a dab of vanilla extract under the chins, at the base of their neck (by the spine) and at the base of the tail (again, on the spine not the underside of the tail!) of all of the cats to make them smell the same. Cats recognize each other by scent, so if that kitty smells the same as "me", the he must be a friend. Kitty logic at it's finest. This trick works when introducing cats into the household, and also when one of them has been to the vet and therefore smells different to the others who didn't go.
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Well I guess I should have read a little further in the archives before I went out and spent $75 on Feliway difussers...which haven't kicked in by the way...it's been 1 week!

Maybe I should try the vanilla extract anyway....
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