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Daily thread for Oct 30

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Goodmorning. Wow, its early here. My daughter is up and full of energy, damn that time change! I thought surely by now she'd be back to her normal sleep time, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, she is up at 5 am and ready to start her day!
Sunshine jumped up on our bed this morning with her motor running like a mack truck. She has taken to my hubby the past couple of weeks and I am not sure why. He is not a "catlover", not that he dislikes her or anything. But like he puts it, if she wasn't around he wouldn't miss her Anyway, she has started being over affectionate with him! She looks for him, rubs against him, and now has started to get in our bed! ARrrgghh. He isn't all that happy about the last part.
Today is pumpkin carving day around here.............is anyone else doing the same thing?
I am very skittish about letting my kids eat the candy they get this year. I am probably being a bit overprotective but in light of all that is going on lately, I think maybe its a good idea to throw it away. Better to be safe than sorry, right?????????????????
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Hubby used to say the same some years ago, before our cats began to give him the same treatment Now he dots over them more than I do he's turned into a real cat lover, rescuing cats off the street on his own. When we go to the vet, he's the one our Gezer clings to and hugs throughout the session it's really heartwarming to see them like that.

I think I'll be spending a lot of my day sleeping. Hubby's away for a few days and I spent last night alone at home. Usually I would have his parents and brother living next door, but now his brother is in India and his parents in Thailand, so I'm really all alone. The cats and the dog keep me company but I'm can't get any sleep at night - too scared of burglars... Don't get me wrong - this place is very safe - never had any burglars (my in-laws' place was broken into only once in forty somehting years). It's a very peaceful neighborhood, but I just kept hearing voices and getting scared for nothing. I finally fell asleep at six AM when the sun came out I'll better get a good afternoon nap, get ready for another white night...
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Well, as for me......hoooray!! I only have 3 hours left at work then I can go home!! yey!!....hmm....though at home I have a mountain of ironing to do, a pile of washing up (alas no dishwasher and the remnants of pots and pans as a result of hubby cooking dinner last night!! - not that Im complaining!) Oh well....maybe the ironing can wait till tomorrow....or the next day...or the day after!! ha ha... Then I think I will soak in the tub for an hour or so with my book....ahhhh bliss...... (hey, we needa bath-tub smilie!!)
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I am about to start a full day of training here at work. I start in an hour. I hope I don't fall asleep because they'll be giving me a test on it - I feel like I am in school again.
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Yep, pumpkin carving day around here too. We'll pick one out tonight as a family and do the deed. Got to clean the kitchen first.

My goal for the day is to clean the kitchen and both bathrooms (who ever heard of a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms! I wish we had only one but more space in the living room). Maybe a few loads of laundry. Otherwise I won't get to it until Friday at the earliest and it's getting cluttery out there. I don't mind my own clutter, but other people's drives me crazy!

Yeah, it's a boring life, but excitement isn't everything!
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And has been for days. The creek has flooded out both pastures and the horse is standing in water most of the time now. He has a nice warm stall to go into, his choice, but instead he stands out in the elements looking for that predator he is sure is going to take his life. Goofy horse!

I went in earlier to make the bed but there were 12 kitties sprawled all over it in various stages of drying out, so I decided that their sleep was more important than the overall look of the bedroom and haven't made the bed yet.

So it will be a lazy day of cleaning the house and organizing some files and working on my book, snuggled up to the computer with a cup of coffee and Kenai at my feet.
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Well, I have never participated in this thread. I hope I am welcome here.

Last night, Max and Sydney decided to have a Royal Rumble at 4am. So, not only did they wake me up but they also trashed my bedroom. My candles are on the floor, the blankets from their beds are all over...funny kitties! Not much planned for today. I have a big project due tomorrow so that's what I'm doing.
Have a good day everyone!
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I went to see one of my former kitty Tucker, a Korat that was rescued from the streets of NYC. Rene found him at an adoptathon at Madison Square Garden. A "Kill Shelter" had him for adoption and he was pretty sick (they neutered him the night before the event). He was scheduled to be killed that night if he wasn't adopted. He stayed in my arms for 5 hours and again all the way home. He liked it at my house unfortunately he liked to antagonize my oldest male Casey. So now he is in a beautiful home with lots of windows and he's the only cat. He's very happy and looks wonderful. I miss him. But I have unlimited visitation as he was adopted by one of the photographers at our newspaper.

So that's why I'm at work early. This new time change has me up every morning at 8 a.m.

Hope everyone has a great day.

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It's raining here in Portland too Hissy, but this IS Oregon, I guess we should be used to it! :laughing2:

Well, my plans for today were to clean out my kitchen cupboards, you know, toss out all those Tupperware lids that don't fit anything, and throw away the multitude of boxes, bags, etc that have a half inch of food left in them...if that much! :LOL:

Then someone had to mention Laundry! (thanks sunlion!)

Thats ok, I can start the wash, clean the cupboards while its going, and take an occasional break to check in here!

woohooo...I'm multi-tasking!
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HI Cleo, you cracked me up with your line about the tupperware lids that don't fit anything! That describes my collection perfectly! I have an entire pantry cabinet full of plastic containers and lids but NOTHING MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does that happen?????
Wow, that felt good to vent. Thanks
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Is use them for cat food bowls. They make great ones especially for little kitties who can't quite make it over the rim of bowls. Now, Cleo, if you would just have as many kitties as you do lids, think how busy your life would be! *EG* And, I don't mind the rain, it's the flooding that bugs me!
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Well, last night, like most nights, Rascal wakes me up at 3 in the morning with his licking my face and hands. And its not for feedings since I leave dry food all night for him. NO! He wants to play. He likes to nibble(not hard) on my ears, jumps all over the bed, and if I try to go back to sleep he will nuzzle and lick my face and look at me like, NO you are not going to sleep. You are going to play with me until I say so! So, I bare with it and go to school looking like a zombie. Those of you who live in Oregon(Hissy and Cleo), please bring some of that rain over here. Utah is experiencing a drought for the last three years. This month it only rained for three days. Yesterday it was cloudy but the tempreture was 70 degrees. Usually its in the 50s. Sometimes it gets really cold. But no rain.
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Gee, maybe I have the Tupperware bottoms to your tops! Actually I'm cheap, I go the the empty margarine tubs. I should invest in a good set of rubbermade containers. Hmmm.

Don't you wish your cupboards looked like this??
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Pooh, that's not a real person's cupboard. Nothing's even been opened yet! At least it's not Martha Stewart cupboards! All shelf paper and lazy susans and boxes lined up by height or expiration date or something.
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Ack! I threw away a lid that didn't fit anything, and Hissy, you just made me remember that the container is in the bedroom being used for the kittens' water! :

Hey Donna, I like that top left shelf

Nena, you can have as much of your rain as you'd like, we get a ton of it every year and most of the year...but we also have such a beautiful green state, very lush and full of trees...so it's worth it!
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My work day is just over and I am finally home for the nioght! YIPPEE!!! I work for the county and spent the morning helping an elderly couple get settled into their new apt and then went off on an SPCA rescue run and brought 3 kitties out of a horrible situation. Now eating supper hubby made andrelaxing is my onley chore - oh yeah...feeding all my critters too

Cupboards have doors so you don't HAVE to have them all neat - I cringe when we have company over and one of the critters paws a door open. Never know what will come popping out! hehehe
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That's kind of an interesting combination of activities. What do you do for the county? And did the rescue have anything to do with work or is it just something else you did today?

Yeah, prolly everyone else knows already and I'm behind the curve! lol
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Yes it IS a real cupboard. It belongs to Rene. That picture was taken Saturday night at her party. Her daughter cleaned out her cabinets.


I particularly like that bottle of Absolut Vodka sitting there

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wow, I'm impressed. I've never seen such organized cupboards in real life!
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