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Funny Cat Story

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Recently my kitten Wylie did something so funny I just have to tell you all about it. I was sitting one night watching TV eating popcorn out of the bag. Wylie was laying in my lap and after a while I noticed he had eaten through the bottom of the bag and was helping himself to the popcorn. So of course I told him no and put him down in the floor. He tried to get back up several times and I kept telling him no and putting him back in the floor. That's when he decided on revenge. He jumped up on the side table where I had set my tea, he then looked right at me took his paw and pushed over my drink,He then got down and walked off proudly.
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I LOVE IT! What a great story. Who says animals aren't smart?
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That is soooo funny!! Sounds like something my Merlin would do.
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Hi Bookitty,

That's your cats way of saying "Friends Share...or else!!"

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Hehe, cats are so smart it kills me! Our Sammy did something similar one night..only it was cereal and he went and knocked some food off the counter so the dog could eat it..hehe
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They really are smart!!!
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