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Need Info On Catfood

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My Vet Told Me That Cameo's Urine Is Alkaline And I Should Buy The Hills Feline S/d Dry And Wet Foods, Now This Food Is Pricy. Does Anyone Know If She Has To Stay On This Food? Is There A Comparable Cat Food I Can Buy At ThE Petstore? I Like My Vet But I Don't Want To Be Taken For A Ride.
Cameo Seems Fine Now, Acting And Eating Normaly,
CamEO's Mom
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Moving this to Health & Nutrition
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Your cat will have to stay on a food that will make the PH of the urine more acidic. I do not know of any other brands that can do that. Just weigh the costs of buying the food or having to pay if your cat gets sick again.
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I would not change away from what your vet has prescribed, try asking if there are any alternative foods that you could consider. I would agree that it's a lot cheaper to feed the prescription food and prevent future problems than to save money now feeding a less expensive food that won't do the job.

There is a food by Iams, one of their Eukanuba Veterinary Diets that is their Struvite Urinary Formula, but you'd have to ask your vet if it does as much as the Hills to acidify the urine, and I highly doubt it would be less expensive.
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Even the Iams is around 17 dollars for a 5 pound bag. I looked all over and couldn't find it anywhere. The only place to get any kind of pH-correcting food is from a vet's office. (Mainly because it can cause harm if fed to a healthy cat.)

I have to feed Hans the moderate pH formula, so I know how expensive it can be. Measuring out the recommended daily amount of food and sticking to set feeding times will help stretch the food out as far as it can go. This way the cat can't overeat, and the food doesn't disappear too fast.
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