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When will....

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my ferals come back around?? Ever since I attempted to trap them, it seems like they've just disappeared ?????? Im still filling their food/water bowls and in the am. the bowls are still over 1/2 full ... usually their empty! Whats going on? Where did they all go?

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I don't know when you trapped them, how long you kept them before re-releasing them, or under what circumstances they were released. So it is hard to say. If you put out canned food and fresh water and dry food before you release them, they will come back around to eat.
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I trapped 2 kittens on 2/7 ~ still have them indoors, attempting to socialize them.

Then on 2/13 ~ I trapped 1 feral...a male approx. 4/5 yrs.old at approx 630pm. He was neutered on 2/14 & given a rabies. Then on the am. of 2/15 I gave him dry food in the trap, he didnt eat any of it then I took him outside & showed him the food/water & opened the trap door & he took off like a bat out of you know where. Released him on 2/15 at approx. 10am.

All of my other ferals were to clever to go in the traps & since then it seems they've just disappeared? I dont get it??? Hope that helps some.
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