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What is the ONE Thing You Want To Do?

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What is the one thing you would like to do before you die?

One of mine is........I want to pet a live TIGER
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Oh goodness I have so many....

I guess I'd have to say go to Fiji with Brendan.
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Definitly bungy jump!
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own and run an Animal shelter for all animals to retire to and where people who abuse that anuimal were attacked by the animal they owned .

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Ride into space on the shuttle.
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Skydive.. and as soon as I graduate from nursing school, I am going
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I want to travel around the world and see everything.. My favorite place I have been so far is the Grand Canyon... but one thing I really want to see are the Pyramids in Egypt. Now all I have to do is win the lottery to fund my trip. :-P
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Originally Posted by Deb25
Ride into space on the shuttle.
Oh, that WOULD be awesome!!
My thing would be to skydive, but the one thing I've always wanted to do was to "drive" a locomotive.
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Get married in Hawaii. Sorry, but that's been on my mind for the past 5 days... will continue to obsess til I can tell my parents and they say no. Hopefully they won't.

Other than that... I always wanted skydive too!
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I have a long time friend who skydives, Tanya and Ari. He goes way too often, and I'm sure I worry way too much!
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I have always wanted to try scuba diving, but I am scared as when swimming I hate putting my face unde water, and also I have a fear of anything over my mouth and nose. One day I will pluck up the courage to try it though - it looks so amazing down there!
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have a baby, i feel my time is limited.
Although not many people understand what i mean
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I am so old that I have done practically everything that I ever wanted to do, but what I get a lot of pleasure out of, is doing things for people that they need, only doing it so that they (or anyone else, either) never know who did it.

What this does, is to often make the recipient speculate on who their benefactor was, and realize that it could be anyone, and therefore they are nicer to people because the "stranger" might be their "angel".

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See China!
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I want to pet a tiger and a lion, sky dive, see the pyramids in Egypt (like someone else said), and see Machu Puchu in S. America.
I would also like to go to Hawaii and Alaska.
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the one thing I'd like to do before I die would be....... own a house that had some land on it where I could put a small shelter type of place for any kitties I find to live out their lives in comfort, not on the streets. Oh yeah and to see a law passed that animal abusers actually get punished for comitting that crime!!!!!
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