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My Little Starchild

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I love My Little Ponies, I love Kiss, and I love to draw. Last year I even paid someone to make me a custom make My Little Starchild Pony. Here is my art rendition of My Little Starchild. I drew it all by hand, then painted in Photoshop.

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You're really talented!! I have to learn Photoshop someday but that won't help me draw
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Oh wow! That's great! You're definitely very talented - and I'm definitely jealous.
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Oh beautiful, Hope! You know I always enjoy your work!
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That's so beautiful!! Excellent work!!
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Hope that is beautiful! I love the vibrant colors!
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lol i love it!!! im in the process of painting a sorts goth my little pony.. shes red with red and black hair on a BIIIG canvas i think its 20 by 24 or somthing like that
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That's a great drawing! Nice job!

My brother is actually Gene Simmons in a tribute band a couple of times a year. Kiss has been his all time favorite band for as long as I can remember. I even remember having a crush on Ace Frehley when I was very young. Just thought I'd share.
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I can't say that I like kiss :/ But that is very cute I loved my little pony as a kid. Maybe I can make a deadhead pony.
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Can I have a Ben pony? I'll take good care of him, I swear....
(dirty old lady alert!)

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That's fantastic, Hope!
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Hope thats brilliant!!!
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Thanks to everyone. I do love My Little Ponies. I still collect them. I have loads of My Little Ponies from the 80's, as well as the new one's they are making today. My Starchild pony is more like today's My Little Pony's, or a G3 (Generation3) as they're know in the Ponyworld.

RoyalEnchntrs, I'd love to see your painting when it's finished.
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