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Jake- Very sick

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I'm afraid I have some very bad news right now. Jake is very sick. He may have an auto-immune disease where his immune system attacks his own body. I'm a basket case right now, but I'll try to give you enough info to make sense. A couple weeks ago I came home from work and he was limping. I also noticed it looked like he had gotten scratched on one ear. I couldn't see anything on the feet but he was limping bad. I started cleaning his ear every day and putting antibiotic ointment on it and it appeared to be almost better. He wasn't even hardly limping anymore. Then last night I got home from work and started to clean his ear and put the ointment on it. All the fur came off the outside of his ear when I wiped it with a warm washcloth. It was horrible looking. Very red and bleeding and it had a bunch of crusty stuff dried on it that wasn't there when I left that morning. When I gently picked up one of his paws he cried and jumped. I couldn't even feel his claws when I examined the paw and they were hot. His ear was hot and red and also his belly was hot. So I took him to the vet. I was still thinking Hallie got the best of him and his wounds were just infected. Well the vet was very concerned and said it was more then that. His claws were sealed shut in their sheath's from all the dried body fluids and puss. And he had a fever of 105.5. So they made me leave him there so they could treat him. I was shaking and crying so hard. I feel terrible because I didn't see it and didn't take him in sooner. The doctor assured me that it wasn't my fault (but I still feel like it is). He has so much fur it covered most of it up. and what I could see appeared to be getting better. Anyway, they didn't want to sedate him because his sinuses are so bad and they think he has asthma too. He was weezing really bad from anxiety. So they had to put him in restraints so they could trim all the hair around his feet and toes and clean them up. His poor feet look horrible. Oh my God I cried so hard. I was litterally wailing cuz I was so scared and felt so horrible. And they didn't prepare me for what I'd see when they took me back to the procedure room to show me. His toes were/are bright red and raw. He's actually in more pain now because all the dried fluids and puss was in a way protecting his feet. When I came in the room he stood up on the table and wrapped his front paws around my neck and licked my face. OMG I cried so hard. I'm absolutely horrified.

Although his ear looks bad, luckily, it looks like the least of his problems. It's dry today and looks much better. The sore around the bottom of the one eye is very mild. His little feet/toes are the worse and if he doesn't respond to the antibiotics he may have to have some of them partially amputated. The vet gave him an injection of strong antibiotic yesterday and today. And today started him on oral too. He's also on pain medication. It was pretty critical to treat him aggressively and quick (the vet said). The vet showed me how to clean his toes and put medicine on them. She gave me a pill injector that shoots the pill down their throat, because he doesn't take medicine well. She also gave me pain medicine and special stuff to clean his toes, ear and eye with etc. She wanted to do a biopsy from the toes but I am ashamed to say, I couldn't afford it. It would have been quite a bit more and I already wrote a bad check today to get him treated. Well, the whole check isn't bad! I'm hoping my daughters will kick in and help by donating to my "Help my Buddy Boy" fund. (That's what I call him). anyway, the vet is just treating him aggressively instead and if he doesn't show improvement in three days then I have to get him biopsied somehow. She said that she thinks he'll respond to the antibiotics. I don't know if she was just trying to make me feel better or what but I hope it's true. Anyway, Jakey is right now resting comfortably on mommy's bed. I took pictures of his feet and ear but I have to download my digital camera software again. I reformated my hard drive 3 days ago because I was having PC problems. I'm so scared. Jake is the sweetest, most gentle kitty I've ever known. He's my little lover boy and I just don't know what I'd do if he doesn't make it through this. Please say a little prayer for my little Buddy Boy, Jake. I'm just freaking out. I feel so helpless.
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I'm so incredibly Sorry, Tammy! Oh, it must be so very painful for you to see your baby boy feeling so bad.Please do not blame yourself, you did all you could do, and this is not your fault in the least. You're taking such wonderful care of Jake now, and I know he will be completely well in no time at all! I am praying for you, Jake, please feel better soon, little boy! Please give Jake a gentle little kiss on his forehead for me, and Sierra sends sweet snuggles to both of you. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.
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You're both in my thoughts and prayers, darlin'! I lack the words to tell you how I'm feeling right now, just reading your post, but suffice it to say that I'm in tears for you and Jake. {{{{HUGS}}}}
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Tammy, I know it is difficult but try and hold it together. Jake needs your strength right now, and if you are upset this will add to his anxiety. Poor boy, I wonder, if for awhile you might use a cat restraint system on him at home, just to keep him off his sore feet and help aid in healing? The one I am thinking of is when you bathe kitties-Maybe just an hour or two in the restraints every day would help? If he wouldn't go nuts that is?

Here is the link to what I was thinking about

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Originally Posted by hissy
Tammy, I know it is difficult but try and hold it together. Jake needs your strength right now, and if you are upset this will add to his anxiety. Poor boy, I wonder, if for awhile you might use a cat restraint system on him at home, just to keep him off his sore feet and help aid in healing? The one I am thinking of is when you bathe kitties-Maybe just an hour or two in the restraints every day would help? If he wouldn't go nuts that is?

Here is the link to what I was thinking about

Thanks you guys.

I think I need some valium. Even the vet was really concerned about me after I reacted so emotionally. (when it's Jake she should be worried about!) she's already called me twice since I got Jake home today.

Hissy, I'm trying to keep it together but it's so hard. I keep pacing the floors and my heart is beating hard and I'm just feeling a lot of anxiety.

I'll check out the link you sent (Hissy). Jake has moved from my bed to the dining room floor. I think it's more comfortable because it is linoleum. The carpet seems to irritate his feet and toes more. I can see why since carpet is so rough (it's berber). He's been pretty good about just laying in one place pretty much. The pain medicine mellows him out and makes him sleepy. I'm downloading my camera software now so you can kind of see what I'm talking about. At least I have the next 4 days off so I can monitor him well. Even Peaches seems to know. She keeps going up to him and just staring at him. I have to be careful because they are not sure if he can pass this infection on to the other kitties yet. And with Hallie's PKD that makes me nervous. I'm wondering if I should make Jake his own little area in my walk in closet to keep them seperated for a few days. Well, the only thing is, they've really already been exposed.
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Some pictures of Jake's boo-boo's.

Here you can see one of his paws pretty good. And the one eye maybe... although that sore is pretty mild on his eye and he still has most his fur around it.

And his ear....

His back paws are not infected quite as badly as the front. He just has a few toes on the pack paws that are infected. It is hard to get a good shot since I can't really hold him well and take pictures. But I think you can see why I'm so upset.
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ONe more of his ear.

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I am so sorry...but I agree with Hissy...stay strong for him, he really needs you to be his loving person who is helping him, tell him you and he are going to be a team and do the best you both can to get him better.

I usually tell myself I can fall apart later, but when my cat needs me, it's time to be strong. You can do it!
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Oh my, it's such a worry when our furbabies are now well. I'm so, so sorry that Jake is sick. Staying strong is easier said than done. When my Speckles was so sick just after I adopted her, I was a basket case just like you and was sobbing all over the vet's office. My heart goes out to you.

Prayers on the way for little Jake, who, BTW is very handsome orangie boy. I have a soft spot for Himmies/Persians.

Hugs to you from Canada
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Oh Tammy! I'm so sorry to hear about Jake! You are both in my thoughts.
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Oh poor Jake! Poor you! Sending many healing vibes to Jake. Hope the medicine make him better real soon!
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Super big hugs for you and Jake! I make sure to keep you both in my prayers.
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I have no advice except stay strong and as calm as you can be around him. I do hope he makes it through - he is a lovely cat.
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Poor Jake, and poor you! Hang in there - he's feeling bad, and needs you to be calm and reassuring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this clears up satisfactorily. , Jake!
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You remain in my thoughts and prayers, Jake!
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poor jake. i hope both of you are doing better
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I think Jake is doing better and although he still feels like he has a fever, his body is not as hot as it was. His toes don't look as red and he's acting better. Actually he's laying on my bed right now cleaning his toes! They are still very tender. When I clean them with the special antiseptic stuff they gave me and put antibiotic ointment on them he cries a little bit. I have to take him back in a couple days so the doctor can make sure he's responding.

Right now it's time to give him his pain medication and oral antibiotic. Thanks for all your support.
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That is such good news. It sounds like he knows you are trying to help him.
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Jake is not doing well again tonight. I thought he was a little better last night and this morning but not so. He's not eating that well today. His ear, eye and paws are still hot today. And I'm back to crying. God this is awful. And he's just not acting like himself.
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Oh Tammie! This is awful. Thinking of you both tonight! Poor Jake!
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I'm sorry Jake isn't doing so good You are both in my thoughts.
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Oh, Tammy, my heart is just breaking seeing precious Jake's poor little paws and ears. I'm so very sorry the two of you are going through this, it must be so incredibly painful for you to see your baby in this discomfort.Please know I am praying for you both, I just know sweet Jake will be better very soon! You are taking such incredible care of him.
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Oh Tammie, I am sorry to hear about poor Jake. You know, our Gezer has been through similar ordeals twice. Last time, I was getting ready to say goodbye It took a long time for him to heal, but he did. Cats are incredible and can surprise you by bouncing back to health.

Gezer had messy paws too. It was 2-3 years ago. At first all we noticed was loss of apetite. After a couple of days I took him to the vet. Only when the vet gave him a full check-up, he discovered that Gezer was constipated real bad and then found out that he had infection in three of his paws. The poor thing couldn't dig in his litter box so he got constipated...

And with Gezer too, it wasn't just that. We ran lots of tests and until today we don't know exactly what happened to him. He had some sort of infection other than his feet. Something internal or systemic. He was positive for the corona virus (FIP) but that didn't tell us much, only that he may or may not have FIP. It took a lot of special Science Diet medical food fed from our fingers in little licks (I think it was A/D), a lot of love and also a lot of time, but he did get well in the end.

Back to Jake, did you notice if he used the litter box at all in the last few days? with sore paws, it could be he's avoiding the box and getting constipated. You need to ask your vet to feel his tummy and see if the colon is impacted. Try feeding him very small amounts of something he really loves right from your finger - maybe that will help.

And do not despair. They can and do bounce back!
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Still sending healing vibes to Jake.
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Hang in there Jake and get well soon! All the kitties here send purrs and get well vibes.
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Well I just don't know if Jake isn't getting better fast enough or if I'm just being impatient. I called the vet yesterday afternoon and gave them an update. They told me to give it another 2 days and if he isn't better to bring him in.

Today his ear was draining more again. And he still feels a little warm. But he was more responsive and a tiny bit more active. Even though his poor little paws are still very tender. He's probably sick of me always poking and prodding at him. Maybe I'm hoovering over him too much. He'll probably be glad to see me go back to work tomorrow.
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But it's so hard not to fuss. Jake will forgive you...I'm glad to hear he seems to be feeling a bit better.
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
But it's so hard not to fuss. Jake will forgive you...I'm glad to hear he seems to be feeling a bit better.
That's the thing... I'm not really sure if he is. I guess I thought I'd see more improvement a little quicker. I guess it's good he's more responsive though, huh? Today when I walked over to him he rolled on his side/back like he always does when he wants me to pet him. He hadn't done that in quite a while.
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How wonderful, Tammy, that must have just warmed your heart so much!Jake is getting better every single day! You both remain in my thoughts and prayers!
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I can surely understand how worried you must be. Poor Jake, I hope he recovers and feels much better soon. He will be in my thoughts.
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