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Procrastination and then UN-motivation !

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Have you guys ever suddenly become unmotivated to do something that is really important to you, when you have all ready been putting it off?

In one word, Statistics!
I decided to take 2 online classes this semester. I have never taken online classes before, but I don't think my problem is the online part about them. Most people say that you have to be motivated and have self discipline to complete them. I AM capable of doing them and I really don't think that's the problem. I would have this same problem if the classes were on campus.
I am a great student, have a 3.89 gpa and outside of my full time job, school is my top priority. I am going for nursing and am working on my AA right now.
There has been a lot going on in my life, getting engaged, but I have lived with my bf for 5 years so nothing has actually changed yet. We are closing on a house in 9 days, thats stressful. But other than that, it comes down to complete laziness. Take this weekend for example.... last night I cancelled on plans with a friend to go see a movie to stay home and do homework. I did a section, but put no where near my capability of effort into it. Then decided I was too tired to concentrate, went to bed early to get started bright and early this morning... Well THEN this morning I had a headache, slept until 9:30, got up and instead of working on homework, went to lunch with mom to show her my ring. That's a good excuse to have lunch So then, I head home to begin my homework but when I sat down to do it I ended up petting Dori and carrying her off to my bedroom where I take a nap. I wake up from my nap and decided I need a hot bath to feel refreshed to get started on my homework, but after that I need coffee and now that I have actually sat at my desk to do it, I felt compelled to tell you all what a lazy person I am and how I am not getting ANYTHING done.

Have I mentioned that I have homework for 3 chapters, which is 9 sections total due on Wednesday and a test on those same 3 chapters... On the homework you can't get by with just putting anything down. He requires us to show all work and scan it in and email it to him! UGH! I have ALOT to do

Oh yeah and the procrastination part is that I have had this assignment for 3 weeks now
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Poor Tanya! Still struggling with making yourself do that Statistics work! You've been trying to catch up with yourself since you first got the slightest bit behind. You really have had a lot going on, though, the Superbowl, getting engaged, Dori, your new home. Besides that, you been so brilliant to find every creative reason in the book to not do it!I know I'd be doing the same thing as you. At this point, though, it must be starting to feel rather overwhelming just getting started. It may not be difficult, but there's just so much of it! Hey, anyway, weren't you planning to do laundry today instead? Or was it mop the floor, wash your car, maybe clean the windows?
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Steph, my place is spotless! All ready did that a few days ago. I don't know what in the world my problem is. I know that once I do it I will feel much better. But your right, I feel overwhelmed getting started. Oh well... one section at a time I guess Guess I will get going....

Oh and Steph.. we haven't talked in a while, how about a nice long phone conversation

JUST KIDDING! I am off to do my work now...
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I was just sitting here thinking how I was surprised you hadn't called today yet!You'll feel so great once it's behind you!
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I can SO sympathise. When I was doing my MA last year through distance learning, I became so creative in finding other things to do. My house and garden never looked so clean, my wardrobe and personal files were perfectly organised, my correspondence was up to date. And my friends suddenly found a willing companion for almost anything they might propose. But I found that if I could force myself to sit down at the computer and work, then after 30 minutes or so I got really into it and often had sessions lasting several hours when I forgot to eat or do anything else (the cats reminded me to feed them of course). Then I knew that I was enjoying myself and it was the right thing for me to do.

But having done it, I don't want to go through all that again. It is an incredible feeling of achievement when it is over, and well worth it. Stick at it and good luck, I know you will do it in the end.
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I have a newsletter staring me in the face right now and I'd rather be here. I guess I don't feel my efforts are appreciated since I publish everything the members need to know and they still don't know what is going on!

Besides, my creativity muse seems to have abandoned me.
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