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Slight blood in urine

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My stray /feral cat i trapped in nov 30 o4 has slight blood in urine. He peed out on his sheet to show me. It seems to get slightly blood tinged at the end of his urine. He goes to the box and pees very little though he had peed on his sheet. He's very hard to get in a carrier as I'm still taming him. Did call the emergency clinic, she said it could be an infection or stones though thought it more on the infection side. There was a slight reddish skin of blood as well not a clot though. Can an infection clear itself up with lots of liquids etc and of course I'll keep an eye on him. Also giving him baby food and homemade chicken soup. Any other ideas out there.
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I don't know if it can clear up on it's own... But I really wouldn't chance it with the blood... You should probably get the kitty to the vet asap.
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What is strange he had this a little a month to the day we cut down on dry food and it stopped. Its just so hard getting him into a carrier and vets can do more harm than good sometimes. Keeping a very close eye on him and will decide by tomorrow. Increasing canned food and liquids. I'm sure trapping him and taking him out of his outside environment of 16 months(?) and having the vet give him shots,defleaing,worming and fixing him in 2 days would be to much for anyones body.... etc ruined his resistance. Had told the vet not to fill him with to many shots, I just wanted rabies but no, i got the bill and there was another shot i deemed unecessary since he's not going outside.
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Originally Posted by batrice
Can an infection clear itself up with lots of liquids etc and of course I'll keep an eye on him. Also giving him baby food and homemade chicken soup. Any other ideas out there.
My Speckles has had more than her share of bladder infections and believe me, no, it won't go away on it's own, especially if there is a sign of blood. Kitty needs to be on antibiotics right away; usually 14 days worth. There are several meds that work but the one that Specks reacted to the best is Baytril. It's a strong pill that's given once a day for 10 days.

Bless you for looking after this little stray and I sure hope he will let you medicate him. As a side note, I've been told that there are some herbal remedies containing cranberry that you may want to look into (as a preventative measure) after his infection has cleared up. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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I agree with the above post, if it's an infection, no it won't clear up without an appropriate antibiotic. The increased fluids are right on...if it were stones, depending on the type (struvite or calcium oxalate) and change in diet to affect the urine ph, will help a great deal. The thing is the approach is different depending on which kind of stone.

So.........long story short, get antibiotics, hope it's just an infection, and if you can, skip the dry, and keep him on a wet food diet. See if he'd use one of the pet fountains on the market, they really do seem to encourage increased water intake.
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If he's not urinating very much and it's bloody you should get him to a vet asap. Most likely it is a obstruction in his urethra. It could be an emergency so you should get him checked out as soon as you can just to be safe.
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One of my kitties is very stubborn about not going into her carrier. I have found that if I turn her upside-down (belly toward the ceiling) and put her in head first, she doesn't have anything to struggle against. Another strategy might be to wrap the kitty in a towel and then use the upside-down method.
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I'd rather risk some bites and scratches than not take him to the vet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take him in. I didn't notice anything wrong with my cat until it was almost too late. He had bladder stones but I never saw bleeding until it was leaking out of him on its own since his bladder was so full. If it is an obstruction he could die within a couple of days because it puts such a strain on his little kidneys. I'm sure he'll hate you for a few days after being in the carrier but he'll get over it.
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He is peeing and peed alot today with no problems. He is on Baytril for now and watching him VERY closely.
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Urine was cloudy and tested. High WBC and a few crystals (struvite) no bacteria, He's on Baytril. What bugs me is why there is no definitive answer on this . His urine PH is good. Can things like this happen after surgery or after bringing a stray/feral cat into a home (stress-diff food- Not chipmunks) He is urinating so far so good. And is extremely affectionate and playful. He's been on homemade chicken soup and wet canned food (innova) and was on Fancy feast) prior. It just boggles my mind when feeding him really good stuff, so there must be other reasons????
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Even a few crystals could cut him to the point where he would be peeing some blood.

When Hans was first having problems, the vet thought it could be a recurring inflammation problem. His suggestion was to do exactly what you're doing - feed wet food only. Any kind of stress can cause the problem to flare up, and sometimes it will happen for seemingly no reason.

(Hans, of course, ended up actually having oxalate stones and had to have surgery.)
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Poor kitty is having a relapse. Seems to be doing Okay with the baytril and peeing, still watching him closely. Went in this morning and he had spit up with worms. He was treated with Drontal when i got him trapped in Nov had his stools tested and all was well until now. I have noticed his bad breath as well lately. So thats either from the worms or the urinary tract problem. His WBC was 20-50 when supposedly the range is 0-3 (but i question that). Is it that hard to get rid of worms?? How many treatments are needed.
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