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Kitten has Voracious Appetite--Normal?

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Jinglebell is 5 months old and he is very vocal(I say whiney)--he will not stop crying and following me everytime he thinks I am preparing food, eating, or just getting a drink!!He is my babyboy but he is driving me nuts!
It makes me mad, he even tries to get into the trashbags outside, he catches moles and mice and snakes and I KNOW he is eating them too---he comes in with his belly stuffed full like a little barrel-drum! And he won't quit either--he whines and whines and howls until I either say "no" loudly or suirt him or clap my hands and say "no"...even then, he stops for literally ONE second and starts up again!

He is so loving and affectionate and sweet and loyal---he adores me and follows me everywhere anyways, he is an awesome kitten, I love him dearly, but this obsession with food-food-food-food is too much! He just won't listen--he is otherwise alert and purring and playful(quite a little hunter already!)...PLEASE HELP!!thanx:disturbed :disturbed :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :confused3 :disturbed :disturbed :confused2 :confused2 :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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He may have worms, I would talk to the vet about a dewormer.
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Sounds like a normal kitten to me!:tounge2: I would look into worming him though; just to be on the safe side.
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Could be a growth spurt.
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Just wondering if he is still driving you crazy about eating all the time. Just wondered - how much does he eat daily?

When my kitty was growing she was never obsessed with food but I kept dry food out for her all the time. From 4-6 months she at a full cup of dry food daily as well as some canned the first three months & a few snacks daily.

Her appetite decreased suite abruptly after spaying. Since then eats 1/2-2/3 cup daily. She has never begged for food. I don't know but suspect it is because she never had to wait to eat whenever she wanted to.
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He is puking now and has very bad diahhrea! I feel awful that he is sick--so, Im taking him to the vet in the morning--I gave him wormer liquid 1 day 1/2 ago but I didn't know you weren't supposed to feed the kitty for 24 hours to give him this medicine! So, maybe thats why hes so sick---but to be on the safe side hes going to see the vet tommorrow morning...Id rather be safe than sorry, ya know? Thanx for all your suggestions though! I will let y'all know what happens with Jingle--Thanx again!!!:
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