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I am so proud of my Raceman

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I know this is a cat board, but I am just so proud of Racer. After all he endured fighting founder, and coming back to full health. He did himself proud this morning, in helping me with something he has never done before.

We had a bad ice storm and trees went down. The trees had to be cut into chunks for firewood and such, and they were so hard to lift. So I took Racer (now i haven't worked this horse in about 6 months). I put him in halter/surcingle /breast collar, and took his long leads. At first I just walked him with these long ropes trailing behind him. He was fine with it. So then I took one rope away and working on the left side, I wrapped the one end of the rope around the chunk of log, and we walked while I dragged it. I wanted him to get used to moving things behind him. He was great with that- so this time, I ran the other end of the rope through the center surcingle ring and he pulled while i held the other end of the rope. I figured that if he spooked or bolted, all I had to do was let go of the rope and we wouldn't have a major wreck. He was a champ! He pulled stumps and limbs and chunks of wood for an hour. There is still a lot left to do, but now it is the light stuff which I can do. I am just so proud of his "try" and his heart, even though I call him Twit-Nose, he means the world to me-
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Oh Mary Anne! How touching, WTG Racer!
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Way to go Racer!
He sounds wonderful MA, I know how proud you must be
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Great Raceman.
MA that is so good to hear Racer is doing so good after last year.

The work made him proud of himself, and you for getting it done.

The clean up after a storm is horrible be it ice, tornado, hurricane, or just wind
we cleaned up after the tornado in NOvember of 2002, what a mess and headache.
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Wow MA Racer sure has come far! I am so proud of you and him! I know how hard things were before, he sure is amazing!
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