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Storm warning, Los Angeles Flooding...

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Hi, all..

According to the weatherman,
"heavy showers and some thunderstorms last night and early
this morning brought more than an inch of rain to downtown
Los Angeles at usc. This brings the rainfall total for the
2004-2005 rain season to 27.27 inches as of 6 am. This is
now the 9th wettest season since records began in 1877. It
is possible that during today this season will become the
7th wettest on record..."

I was, unfortunately, out in this weather yesterday. I was in a 4x4, and we got into lots of trouble. At one point, we drove up onto a sidewalk/part of a front lawn because we were unable to traverse an intersection...and had to wait until the waters receded a bit. If this was happening to an SUV, I can't imagine what happens to regular cars. Once we got back to the office, we stayed there until almost 7 because the roads were both traffic jammed as well as water logged.

It's really, really bad out there right now, so if you, unlike me, don't have to get out and about, don't. And this is going to continue until at least Wednesday....

Current warnings are flooding, heavy rain (more than 1 inch an hour at times), thunderstorms, gale winds (up to/over 60 mph), and mudslides.

~Park away from trees, rivers/streams, and billboards/freestanding signs.
~Don't enter an intersection during heavy rains; floods are happening, and happening fast.
~Wear your rainboots and coats/hats. Use your umbrella. (I am speaking to myself here, too....I keep walking past my umbrella, and then wishing I had it.).
~Don't go out if you don't have to. It's insanely nasty out there.

I'll see if I can't link some photos up for you all....this is probably the worst rain I've seen in many years, and while it's amazing and glorious, after a while it just gets scary. We are forecast to receive up to 15 (15) inches of rain by Tuesday. That's a whole lot of rain....and a whole lotta trouble.

Here's a series of images:

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The big thunder boomers got pretty scarey in the middle of the night. For a second my lights flickered off, but came back on. I don't have to go out in the weather until tomorrow night, just in time for the next wave of storms to come. I live close to a street that floods all of the time, so I'm going to have to find a different route to work tomorrow night, if it's pouring.
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I'm glad you don't have to go out until's so very bad out there right now!

Problem for me, normally I'd hole up and just work from home...but there is a convention going on in Vegas and most of my management/senior agents have already left, so I'm the "go to" and "Key holder" for the next week at my office. Which means I've got to be there's a big time problem....

Sigh...15 inches by Tuesday. Where's the water gonna go?

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I hope all of you out in those wet areas can stay safe and keep dry!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
I hope all of you out in those wet areas can stay safe and keep dry!
LOL, at least I wasn't music shopping last night...the Virgin Atlantic store's roof collapsed. No injuries, thank God, but still...that was a great store. All of about 3.5 miles from my house, too. Sigh....

Well, wish me luck...the thunderstorms are starting again, and the wind's picked up a tad....I've got to get to the office...I've got my raft ready, but Noah hasn't sent me the specs to the Ark just yet...

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It IS a big winter this year, isn't it! Too bad the DWP can't store the water & let the Owens Valley have some of theirs back. Unfortunately, it's been warm up here and the snow pack was melting faster than we wanted. California seems to be so opposite from back East - when it rains in the East, there is so much vegetation & no hills, so the floods aren't nearly the same kind of problem, but when it snows in inches back East, it's a huge problem; while several feet in Mammoth Lakes is still fun time. I have noticed that our electricity seems to stay on better and our snow removal is just awesome. I've been on the I-5 in L.A. & O.C., during bad weather & was amazed at how fast (and foolish) so many people drive - I have seen so many little spin-outs & crashes - I have to remind myself that it must be natural selection! My dad worked for Cal-Trans as a civil engineer, then senior administrator for Dist.9, then "retired" & did the Etiwanda Flood Control project for San Brdno. Co. in the 90's - I grew up with roads & flow of traffic & highway safety in the front part of my mind! Along with cats, Thanks for sharing with us! I will say prayers for all lost & homeless kitties out there in the elements! Susan
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Stay safe everybody!!!
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The rain there and the collapsed roof made the evening news over here - it looks pretty bad. I talked to my mom this evening, and she says it won't stop raining in Nebraska, either.
We're getting snow - it has snowed off and on all week, and is supposed to continue till Wednesday or Thursday. Today there were basically only pedestrians in town - the main road is clear, but the side streets are really bad. All day you could hear snow shovels scraping. Since it's still coming down pretty hard, I guess tomorrow will be more of the same.
Be careful.
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You guys please be safe!
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I think we have had enough of this duck weather myself
I can't stand this mess, I have 8 rescued kitties in an enclouser out on the patio and I wake up at all hours making sure no ones wet and nothings leaking ....
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We're in a bit of a break right now...thank God. I'm home; I decided that I could answer questions from the house just as easily. LOLOL. The drive in was extreme driving; visibility at maybe 100 yards at times. Scary, scary, scary.

The clouds are really amazing when there's a break and you can see the layers. Just amazing. However, it's also a real tease...we remember the sun, and then it just pours.

I think I'll go curl up with some cats and take a nap....the thunder boomers did keep me awake (well, they kept the cats awake, which kept me awake...)

As it goes, I'll post more and see if I can't get photos. How interesting, Jcat, that they had footage of the Virgin store over there...I'm staying away from the area, but the photos I've seen makes me realize how lucky people were that they got out all right.

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We've had stories about the weather over there here in Texas... crazy video! Stay safe and dry!
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Another thing that's kind of interesting is that the people from Extreme Makeover, Home Addition have been building a house in this weather, in Santa Fe Springs, which is a suburb. They have until Tuesday to get it done before the family returns. They haven't been letting the rain stop them. I am really curious as to see how they made it through last night.

The sun was shining this afternoon, and I used that break in the storms to go out. In my area, which is the Hancock Park area, it hasn't been too bad today. I actually LOVE this weather, but I know that people who live in the flood areas and the slide prone area's aren't enjoying it. But you have to admit it's just beautiful. I love the stormy skies and thunder. We rarely have really interesting weather here, so I'm just lovin' it.
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Stay safe, Michele!
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Thank You rapunzel. I'm sure we all will try to stay safe.
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Originally Posted by noni
...I've got my raft ready, but Noah hasn't sent me the specs to the Ark just yet...
Ark specs:
Its length was 300 cubits (450 feet, or 135 meters); its width was 50 cubits (75 feet, or 22.5 meters); it had three stories and its height was 30 cubits (45 feet, or 13.5 meters).

Stay dry!
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Mrsd, where can I get the "put it together yourself version" with directions I can understand? LOLOL!!!! Thanks for the laugh...that was funny!

During this break, I got food out for my feral I feed. I think that she is Charlotte's sister; the resemblence is uncanny with the exception of coloring. And so when I went to check, there was a gorgeous tuxedo cat - large, too - eating. I wonder where he came from??

Anyway, at the moment, it's not raining. Hopefully, we can keep this break up for a while, to let the water go somewhere, and the floods recede somewhat. The winds didn't materialize out here, either...which is spectacular because all the rain has softened the soil and I've been concerned about tree/utility standards downings.

We'll see soon, though...the next rain is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Stay safe down there, Noni, HopeHacker & Halfpint!!! I was reading the discussions on the NWS/NOAA webpage, and yup, you're in for more !I heard that Temecula had a tornado, as well. Halfpint, you have your hands full with 8 rescues on your porch. I do thank you on their behalf and will keep you in my prayers & thoughts! I notice that you are in Fontana -do you go to the NASCAR? Fontana sure has changed since I was little - my dad used to take me to visit his friends who owned chicken ranches, and a dairy farm!! But the 210 extension to the 15 sure is nice!!
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Stay safe! Hopefully the big tux boy is not cut off from his home because of the flooding! Poor baby.
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California's nasty weather has blown into Arizona. It has been raining, most of the past week. All of our normally dry riverbeds and washes are running and, as usual, dummies are driving into them and have to be rescued.

About an hour ago, we got a massive rain and hailstorm. I turned on the outside light, to check on my car. Water was sheeting off of the roof and pea-sized hail was bouncing and pinging off of my picture window. Rowdy was looking out with me and started chasing the hailstones, back and forth, across the windowsill. I was laughing so hard, that I almost dampened my drawers! Only Rowdy would try to catch hailstones, through a plate-glass window!
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At least he didn't slamm his head into the window! He'd be ready for the klutz thread then.
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Saty safe down there in Southern CA.

I'm in central CA and we are getting it bad as well (no tornadoes yet) with more of a heavier system coming in for tomarrow and Monday (up to or more than 2 inches possible). At least the reseviors are getting filled up and the air is clean. No real damage here except local flooded streets and potholes.
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Talon, I sure hope so. When I brought the food in, it was almost gone. That's unusual for my usual feral girl, so I think Tux was really, really I've got to figure out how to feed with a shelter of some sort.

Here's the latest forecast for the next few days:
The heavy rain on Sunday night and Monday could bring an additional 1 to 3 inches across coastal and valleys areas... with 3 to 6 inches in the foothills and mountains. Additional showers and thunderstorms could bring some local heavy rainfall amounts Monday night and Tuesday. Overall rainfall totals (from Thursday February 17 through
Tuesday February 22) are expected to range from 4 to 10 inches across coastal and valley areas... with 10 to 18 inches expected in the foothills and mountains. Local amounts over 20 inches will be possible.

This upcoming storm system will once again bring the threat of strong thunderstorms. These storms will be capable of very heavy downpours...gusty winds... and small hail. In addition... conditions will be favorable for waterspouts and small tornadoes.

Significant flash flooding will be very possible Sunday night and Monday... since the ground is already completely saturated. Water levels in stream channels are already high and many hillsides have been weakened.

Mudslides and debris flows will continue to be a major threat through Tuesday as well. The mudslide potential will be highest in and below the recently burned areas... but all residents living on or near hillsides or mountain slopes should be prepared for possible
mudslides and debris flows. Mudslides... debris flows or Rockslides may occur at any time... even during periods with little or no rain falling.


The thunder booms continue as well as the rain. We had some hail today, but I was at the office, so I didn't see it. My 85 year old neighbor, however, told me all about it (I check on her twice daily). According to her, the world is over, and we should also expect massive earthquakes and significant, rampant rioting by noon tomorrow. I promised I'd come over should there be rioting, but not to put out ice cream just yet...

It's gonna get nastier before it gets done with...

Just for reference, here are the Top 10 wettest years for Los Angeles:
1. 1883-1884 38.18
2, 1889-1890 34.84
3. 1977-1978 33.44
4. 1940-1941 32.76
5. 1982-1983 31.28
6. 1997-1998 31.01
7. 2004-2005 28.49
8. 1968-1969 27.47
9. 1992-1993 27.36
10. 1979-1980 26.98

Our current total is:
Rainfall total for the 2004-2005 rain season to 28.49 as of 10 pm. If this storm is as heavy as it seems to be, we will close in on the wettest year on record. And as I type this, thunder booms and rain pelts down...again.

And yes, when I remembered to use my umbrella today, the darn thing broke.

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What a day for your umbrella to break, Michele! Please stay safe!
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
What a day for your umbrella to break, Michele! Please stay safe!
No kidding. Oh well...I have another. It's just not one of those folding ones. It's just ironic that I managed to remember to use it (rather than running around like a drowned rat), and it broke. LOLOL, I think I need to invest in some hats.

So, I was checking out some discussion about the storm, and found this phrase...
"where local rainfall rates over one half inch per hour have been observed. Due
to training storm cells over the Basin...A flood advisory was issued."

O.K., what are we "training" these storms to do? They're very very VERY good at raining already!!!

Here's the "NOW" satellite shot:

See the storm sitting right there? That's the wallop we're expecting.

Here it is colorized:

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I must say that I'd rather stay home tonight than go to work. It seems like this storm should hit about the time I have to leave for work. I'd also rather be at home than all alone in that building all night long while this storm hits. We have a huge old tree that hangs over my office and I always get scared that the big old tree is going to fall. I'm going to make sure I don't park my car under that big tree tonight.
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