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Winter warmth

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Hi purrfect people
here is a really neat way to spoil your kitty this winter.
We can't always serve as electric blankets for our kitties but at times it gets really cold.
This is what I did for mine,this winter just passed,and they loved it.

Step 1. take an old pillowcase double it over so its half the size.
Step 2. 3/4 fill it with Buck wheat or whole wheat add catnip if desired or just dried mint.
Step 3. sew the pillow case up.
Step 4. place in microwave for up to 8- 12 minutes on high.
Step 5. place heated pad where ever you want and place kitty on it.

My babies love it, I came across the idea when I found Roxane claiming the heat pack I made for my back
Its cheap and they will love you for it.

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This is such a great idea... I also use flannel and make rice bags for the small kitties that come my way. Heat 'em up and they are in love with them.
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LadyHawk and Debra

I never heard of doing something like this before. I am learning something brand new and I want to find out more.

Snowball is always trying to get warmer in the winter months. He spends a lot of time in fromt of a forced air heating vent, and his skin is drying out. Since I read your posts I have started to get interested in making one of these for him.

If you heat this little warming pad in the microwave for about 10 minutes on high, how hot does it get?
How long will it hold warmth?
Is there a possibility of this warming pad catching on fire in the microwave while it is being heated?
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Lorie - the rice bags are smaller and I heat them up for about 1 1/2 minutes...don't know about the ones that LadyHawk is speaking of.
My rice bags do not catch on fire - the rice actually becomes like a kind of 'moist heat' when you take it out. If you make a rice bag - be sure NOT to use minute rice - just the cheapest old fashioned rice you can find.
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The heat pack will not catch on fire , I dont leave them in there for any longer then about 10 minutes depends on the microwave.
They get really warm some even hot and will keep the heat for 3 to 4 hours, they are great. I even use them for bed warmers , but please make sure they are not to hot for kitty before placing them on it.
I use the buck wheat it's so cheap over here.
Try it , they will love you for it Roxane and Mish fought over the one I first made so much that now they all have one each.
for added strength on your pillow pack make sure you sew all the way around it.
I promise you they will love it and they are so easy to make.

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another idea is to buy a snuggle safe disk. It's a little round pink disk that you put in the microwave for about 4-6 minutes and put inside of their bed or inbetween some sheets for them to lay on. It stays nice and toasty for a loooong time (like hours and hours). I've felt them like 5 hours later and they're still warm! They cost between $20-25 but are well worth it. My hedgies even use them, too! Nice and toasty! :tounge2: You can get them at http://petsmart.com or http://drfostersmith.com in the DOG BEDS section.
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