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Intro and getting down to business.

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Welcome to TheCatSite! There are a lot of threads about introduction methods. Sorry I don't have them handy, but the search is very useful. Wonderful photos!
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Hey and welcome! You have the most gorgeous cats!!! And what great pictures you take... wow!

About the questions you're asking...

This page has great information about introducing cats. I followed the same method when I was introducing Max (a newcomer) to my kitten Baylee... now they still have their moments where they need to be seperated, but they typically get along well:

As for the pregnancy... well I have no clue but if you do a search I'm sure you can find some great articles. I'll keep looking and let you know if I find something, otherwise I'm sure someone else who knows will help you out!

We're glad you're here!
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Oops, found this article on Cat Pregnancy, hope it helps!
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Originally Posted by J. Otte
Thanks so much for the information, but unfortunatley, I already read that and had followed basically the same procedure. Pepper has been in the guest room (there is a big enough gap underneath the door for the cats to put their paws under, which they have). Anyway, I let them see each other several times, but not close up...

The introduction method on this board is fine, but it doesn't say anything about the new comer being the aggressor. Boss is fine with her... PEPPER is the agreessor and mean with him. Every time I open the guest room door, she is trying to attack him even if he isn't there. If she smells him under the door, she attacks the crack under the door. When I did let them see each other but closer, like I said, she attacked him, bloodied his ear, he was shocked and hid, so you can see, she is obviously the aggressor, he is not, even though he really is the "top cat" in the house...
Aw, well sorry I couldn't help... do you use Feliway Comfort Zone Diffusers? Have you tried Bach Rescue Remedies? Have you tried the vanilla trick?

Sorry I can't help anymore... my newcomer is a fraidy cat and my kitten is the aggressor... but it's still early in the day, I'm sure someone who knows more will be along to help! Either that or I guess they need more time?

In the meantime, feel free to post more pictures on the fur pictures board, if you have any - I'm sure they're fantastic!
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Hi there, welcome to TCS!!
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Hi and welcome to the site.
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Thanks for introducing yourself and telling us about all your cats, they sound lovely and the photo's are so cute. Thanks for posting them, they made me smile. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes ok with Pepper and the birth. I also hope after the birth she may settle down a little and get along with the other cats as she is just adoreable. Boss looks like he loves to pose, just like my kitten Molly...very sweet isn't it?
I best let you go but a huge welcome and hope to see you around very soon
Love Eva xxx
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Because Pepper is pregnant she is probably not interested in making any new friends. I took in a pregnant stray last year who beat up every cat in my house (and a dog or two)because she was being protective of the kittens to come. I would just keep on with the situation you have going and not worry about her making friends.
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Welcome to the site! All of your kitties are just beautiful!! Pepper has such an adorable little face, it's no wonder your hubby is sneaking in to see her.

I have to agree with PetNurse...she's probably aggressive because she's instinctively protecting herself and her soon-to-come kittens from any possible harm from the resident cats. She doesn't know that he wants to be friends, just that other cats, and especially males, in the wild may hurt her and her kits. I would wait until after the kittens are weaned to try to introduce them to the household.

Feel free to ask introduction questions in the Behavior forum, and questions about the impending birth in the Health & Nutrition forum.
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Welcome to the site!
your babies are adorable.
I would adopt the kittens if i could but i think you live just a bit far
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Hi, Sierra and I welcome you and your family to TCS! So glad you joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your special polydactyl Boss sounds like he just has to be in the middle of everything! Beautiful Peka helps you keep your house nice and tidy, doesn't she! Nala is such an adorable, sweet baby! Pepper is so lovely, and what a tummy she has! Bless you for rescuing her! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message!
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Hello and welcome!!!

Your kitties are beautiful!!

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All of your kitties are just beautiful and you take fabulous pictures too! I'm an aspiring photographer myself.....just bought a Nikon D70.

I was in the same situation as you. I had two cats initially that I've had for years, when my oldest daughter brought home a pregnant stray. It was rough going for awhile as my other female cat is very dominant and doesn't like anyone or anything that takes my attention off of her.

When Abby had her kittens, I had to keep them all locked up in my bedroom for 8 weeks because I was worried that Shelby would hurt them. She would sit at my door and hiss and growl because she could smell them and knew they were in there. I made the introductions when the kittens were 8 weeks old and it went surprisingly well. I guess by then, my other two cats were used to the smell even though they hadn't been formally introduced. I also think that by this point, Abby was tired of being cooped up in the bedroom and had become a little less protective of the kittens.

When Shelby came face to face with the kittens, she hissed at both of them......but it was like a "I'm the boss around here and don't you forget it" type of hiss and she never tried to hurt them. In fact, Shelby practically took over the kittens and claimed them as her own. (she was fixed at young age and never had any kittens) Abby was such a young mother that she didn't seem to mind Shelby taking over and doing all the "work."

Abby and Shelby have continued to have their problems and I was planning to find Abby another home. I just had her spayed last week though and the girls seem to be getting along better now. Fortunately, in our case, Abby only had two kittens, (Thomas and Cooper) so it was an easy decision to keep them both. We have become a 5 cat household and it's really not as difficult as it seems. There's just more photo opportunities and more laughs and love to go around.

Hopefully, once Pepper has her kittens, things will settle down a bit. Please post pictures of the babies once they arrive!! I can't wait to see them.
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Robin, thanks for sharing your situation!

Thanks about the photos... I just opened up my studio this past October... I do want to encourage you with the D70. I just bought one originally as a backup to my D100 (was goign to get the D2X but for 5 grand, I couldn't justify it since it doesn't sync to my strobes past 1/250, I'm awaiting the D200 specs to be announced). Anyway, originally as a backup, now it is my main camera... the D70 has amazing color. Just really learn about custom white balance and exposure compensation since the Nikons are notorious for underexposure and a cyan cast to the photos. The cyan cast can also be overcome well with using PhotoShop to color correct.

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Yeah I looked at several cameras and felt that the D70 would be a good one for me at this point in time. Obviously, with my experience level, I couldn't justify spending a fortune on a bigger, better camera right now. Maybe later on down the road as I get better, I'll upgrade. (in fact....I'm sure that I will at some point) I'm hoping that my camera will come today! I ordered it last week and it's supposed to be here anytime now.

My mother was a professional photographer and did very well with her studio. She often tried to convince me to learn the business so that I could join her at some point. Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn't interested. She died a couple of years ago of cancer and I became interested in photography after she was gone. I wish that I had done it sooner.......I could have learned a lot from my mother. Now that I'm learning, I wish more than anything that she was still here so that we could share our passion. I would love to eventually become as talented as she was.
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Hi & Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!
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