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no meow

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It seems like Mavish, my Siamese mix, can't meow !! He is 5 months old now, & he makes some noises, but they are definitely not meows ! At first I thought those sounds were funny, but now I am a little bit concerned ! Do you think he might have a problem with his voice strings or something ?? Can a vet diagnose a problem with voice strings ??

I don't think he has problems with his ears, cause he comes when I call his name.

He is supposed to be talkative as a Siamese but he can't even meow
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I have never heard of looking at the actual chords to see if there's damage. I have known cats that get infections at an early age and then just stop using thier voices. Then again, I have 3 that really dont meow, they just sort of squeek. If he is healthy and does not appear to have any lumps in the throat, I wouldnt worry.
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A few months ago, Fluffy started to get a scratchy meow. It wasn't like her normal meow. So, I took her to the vet. Prior to the day I took her in, I found a scratch on her throat. The vet shaved it, and it was a deep scratch. He said that most likely contributed to her meow. A few weeks later, her meow came back! So, maybe she got scratched or she is just being quiet?
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I am not sure if I know what squeek means but I think Mavish also squeeks ! I don't know how to describe the sound he makes; he is like mumbling loudly or shouting like a sheep but without opening his mouth !! The sounds he makes are more like sounds humans make (but not cats) !!

His health seems extremely well. He'll get neutered this weekend, so he'll have bloodwork done. It might tell if he has anything going on inside his little body.

He never meowed since he came to us when he was 7 weeks old ! I have washed him twice & didn't see anything wrong with his body ??

If not meowing is OK, I will not get worried then.

Thanks guys..

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Does it sound like a chirp??I also have a Siamese and she normally chirps with her mouth closed and sometimes mummbles(like she is talking to herself)-not really meows. She talks alot kind of a "Waa Waa" or"MaMa" almost mimicking my sounds. She was pretty quiet for a Siamese for the 1st year-then when her twin brother went missing she began to use her voice more
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