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Came back to an empty house!

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Or so it seems... Well I was out of town for business and returned mid day today. Nobody greeted me . I entered my bedroom and there was Joji fast asleep. She woke up, looked confused to see me then she meowed and jumped in my arms and boy, what a lovey dovey! I went out and there to greet me was the rest of the gang. I'm so thrilled. I guess they were having their midday nap. The dog too. I was stuck by the bedroom door. I couldn't move. They were all running around me, making lots of noise, jumping all over the place. I had to pat each one to calm them down. I'm very happy right now!
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LOL You just threw off their little schedules Yayi! Sounds like they were all super happy to see you when they realized you were home though.
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"Mum? What are YOU doing home? --Oh!! Hi, Mum!! Missed you!!! Why did you go away for so loooooooooooooooong, Mum???"
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Aww... they just missed their bean is all
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I get the same feelign during feeding time. I get ran over and almost trip over the cats when they are tryn to get to the food bag. Too cute and when they get let out in the morning from their own bedroom it's like a rush of wild horses ready to attack.Lol.

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You really surprised them, didn't you, Yayi! Isn't it wonderful the way our babies fill our home with so much love, and how they can just brighten our entire day with their precious sweet faces and loving, sweet voices!
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Awwww, they missed their mama!! They're not going to let you out of their sight for a while!!
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aww yayi thats precious,
lately my kitty has been ignoring me and loving my bf more
but this morning its made my day, he licked my whole entire face to get me up adn he let me love him!
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Awwww don't you just love them though when they come running!
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Awwww I can't even get in the gate without three puppy noses greeting me, sometimes Elmo wakes up when I walk in the door - not that often though!
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