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constant grooming

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Dear Members,
My 12 year Old neutered Lynx point Siamese"MayMay" had been anorexic since the day, she adopted me. She is the most loving, understanding partner I ever had, but time to time I have to give her 1 mgm Valium, to eat enough to maintain her weight, that is around 6.4 Lb. She had been checked out by several Vets, and at he University of Veterany,she has no medical problems.
However she started excessively licking her abdomen in March this year, resulting in a bald spot by now. As this wouldn't be bad enough, now she licks her rear end, genitals and rear legs constantly, as her only activity Otherwise she is sleeping curled up if possible in my lasp.
My Vet says, there's no medical reason, it's a habit, typical for Siamese's ! All in the head.
Is that true? I can't believe it. I thought she might be bored, and got a kitten for her to amuse her, but she ignores the kitten (after the first annoying week) and just licks herself.

Please advise what can be done?

Thanking in advance
your new member
Kathleen Horvath
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Just from the cases I have seen come through the door, it is either an obsessive compulsive disorder or a food allergy. There really is no particular breed pre disposed to these things, it's just as random as in humans. If it is a food allergy, then a prescription diet would be needed in order to figure out what the ingredient in the food is. If it is an obsessive compulsive disorder then they would prescribe prozac in order to keep the licking and chewing at bay.
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