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Licking ... yuck!

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Does anyone else's cat(s) do this? My oldest will sit and just lick and lick me and purr like crazy. She prefers it to petting and especially likes to lick my hands. I think it's sort of sweet and I don't mind it so much, except that she does it for so long that it hurts and my hands get so sticky from the saliva! Yuck! I try to avoid it and pet her, but she avoids the petting and will chase my hand-- she wants to lick or nothing. Any ideas on why she would do this?
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One of mine, Cola, does the same thing but only at bedtime. I really don't know why she does it, it seems to be a comfort thing to her, she will fall asleep as she does it.
I have never really thought about it before, so I would love to hear the responces you get

Someone who knows more than me will be along soon to help out
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Your not alone!!! I have one male who will groom my face until he is saticfied.
I think it makes him happy, and to show his love. Since I only taught 2 cats that kissing is a love thing. Now them two kiss you on the lips when happy.

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I'd love the answer to this too! Jazzie's another committed people groomer. I worried when she was smaller that it was a stress/separation thing, but since she always does it when she's feeling very cuddly- and she virtually pins you down and GOES for it when she wants to give you affection- I'm pretty convinced now it just is Jazzie happy. She loves chewing/sucking my fingers, but would far rather lick my face, and she's very determined about it. I do think I see it most when she's hungry.
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I read somewhere that licks are a great compliment because they want to leave their scent on you. They never see you groom- so you're bad at it and they're helping you. Also- if KK is being too hyper and noisy, I lick my palm and run it over the top of his head and he always calms down (somewhat). I think it's cute- till they make you raw.
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Ellie licks and sucks on me till she leaves marks. I don't like it but it seems impossible to stop her, though she is 10 months old now, and I was hoping it was kitten behaviour she would grow out of. She does it when she is sleepy or hungry most, or when I have been away and she feels the need to make contact again. also probably then to leave her scent on me. She is the most active groomer for the other cats, too.
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maybe its the soap or body cream you use? they contain animal fats etc and some cats like the taste.

more than likely its because she loves you and sees you as a big, bald cat who she needs to groom
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Roo does. And if you don't stop her she'll lick your arm so long you wind up a sore red spot!
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Freija is a licker as well. Few things make her happier than to cuddle next to you and lick away at your hands or arms or any body part she can reach, purring the whole time. She wasn't weaned too young as she went through a natural weaning process by her mother, and she was also a feral born kitten with no human contact until 9 weeks old and then only sporadic until she was about 4 months old. I actually despaired of her ever socializing at one time. She hates being held or picked up, but when she initiates it she is a real cuddle bug.

She is also quite happy to lick the other cats too, and Bear takes shameful advantage of her, although she does tell him when she has had enough:-).

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My Nanas cat Diamond licks her arms all the time and Nana can't stand it, none of my cats lick me but my puppies love licking the water off my legs as soon as I've got out the shower!
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Cougar will sit on the edge of the tub as I bathe, and, once I'm dressed, he proceeds to lick my hands... Like he's saying "you think you cleaned yourself, but you're not doing it right." I feel like I'm a 3 year old having made a lame attempt at washing my face, and he's my mother, completing the task with a wet wipe...

I love it.
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Limerick likes to lick and nibble me when I pet him.... not soo much though
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Jamie insists on licking/cleaning my ears every morning, and the back of my husband's head. He also licks my hands during the course of the day. Some cats just seem to be "lickers".
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