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Prayers for GlowbugM & Charlie Tonight!!!

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Little Saba was a rescue kitty south of Olympia, Washington and that's how I got her...right here when I read her story on the SOS Board and she just pulled at my heart. Her rescue mom, now known as "auntie" Mayree (Glowbugm) is a deeply caring, bright, gentle person who adores kitties but has had so much loss the past couple of years, including her own father last year. So tonight, her oldest rescue, Charlie, is ailing really, really bad. Although that thread is already posted on the Health Board, of course Mayree thinks nothing of her own needs and just gives and gives and please join me in sending really strong prayers and healthy vibes for nothing short of a small miracle overnight so her Charlie might live and so she can handle heartbreak yet again. Mayree opened her home to me when I drove down to get Saba. She also spent hundreds of dollars of Saba's health and well-being, even though they might not have been able to afford it over Christmastime, and she never asked me for a dime. That's just how Mayree is.
Mayree: I know you are still so new to TCS but we are family here.

Elizabeth and especially your " little munchkin", Saba

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I will send thoughts that way. I understand how it feels to have a lot of loss (life) IN a short time. It hurts.
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Sending loads of Health vibes to Charlie and his bean also from me and Patches and Tiger also....I will also keep them in my thoughts and prayers.
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Mayree and Charlie will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight, as well as you Elizabeth, I know this must be hard on you too to you all~
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Yeah it is more than I thought! He is a very, very strong tabby and when I met him when I went to get acquainted with Saba, he just had so much presence. Ashley what you posted to Mayree on her thread in Health was beautiful, thank you so much for that as well as everyone else getting going on the Board magic right now for her. She's the most unselfish person I have ever met.
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Oh, I was really hoping he was improving, as he seemed to be last time I had checked her thread in H&N. Charlie and Mayree are certainly centered in my thoughts.
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For Charlie and Mayree, lots of strong vibes going your way!
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Hugs, love, vibes and prayers to Mayree and her feline family...

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you've got lots of prayers coming from our house. all 36 of us are sending good vibes your way. when i told the kitties here ying meowed right back like he understood. stay strong!
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Sending lots of vibes to Charlie!
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Thank you for making sure we're all aware of this, E.
Please know, Mayree that I'm praying for Charlie to return promptly to perfect health and for you to feel peace in your heart as you and he experience this difficult, challenging time. You both will remain in my thoughts. Charlie, please feel better very soon, little boy!
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sends you all the vibes and prayers.
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I have been following it on H&N thread. I really hope things work out for Charlie.
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(((((Mega vibes)))))) coming from us here in the UK for Charlies health to improve and for Mayree to have the stress lifted from her
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Much love, and TONNES of vibes coming Mayree and Charlies way!
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