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We were almost hit by anouther car!

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Today I was completly freaked out. We were heading home and were coming out from under a bridge to a stop light. Its like a three way stop since the road we were on no one can come towards you or turn in your direction.

Well the light turned green we started off slowly, then all of a sudden I see a large car coming straight at us from the passenger side, they had a red light. Well it finally saw us and slamed on the brakes stoping about 5-8 feet from the car!!! You could hear the wheels screeching on the wet road.

I was completly stunned at what I had seen. We of course didnt stop since nothing happend really. The funny thing was there was a police cruser 2 cars back. Im surprised he/she didnt hear the screech of the car. What could be more important to not pay attintion to the road!!! Haveing this happen and the fact I had a bad nightmare really dont make my day. I was wanting to cry while thinking if we could have started a little later an could have been hit. I ran it through my head over and over.
That had happen before, almost being hit by a 18 wheeler while going down a resident road and again on the passenger side where i was .

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Sheesh! Sorry you had to have such a scare Ashley. Certainly glad that you are ok though!!
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Scary stuff! Was he on the phone?
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I am glad you did not get hit, it sounds very similar to what happened to us recently.. and we did get hit. Looking back, I have come to this conclusion: Getting your car totaled while your in it really sucks.
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haha i know that cirque,
we had an accident back in august and the seatbelt slashed my neck.
worst thing that the police reported my bf for hurting me when he didnt!
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I dont think the guy was on the phone. Hmm but today we were going down the Highway and a truck was passing us and a kid just laended over and made a face at me. Then they sped off. I was a little mad but had to laugh at the kid. lol.

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