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blood work on healthy cat?

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I'm taking my cat in on Friday for a dental cleaning. The vet recommends that I get some blood work done before he goes under. (Not sure exactly what kind of blood work...) They require this work for cats over 5 yrs old, but just recommend it for younger cats - mostly to establish a baseline if the cat does get sick later. What do you think? Is it worth $40+ to do this for a healthy cat?
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Well, I am definitely no expert. But, last vet visit for my cat resulted in blood work. I took her in for her one year visit and annual shots ( rabies ) etc. They decided to draw blood and charge me $50 for it. They never exactly told me what they were testing for, although on my receipt it said FeLV. Everything came back negative. Now looking back, I wonder why they took blood at all considering she was a healthy cat, and was up to date on all vaccinations, etc. I only had taken her in for a check up, and I didn't see the reason for the blood work since she wasn't sick!
I would ask exactly why, and if its mandatory or your choice. I wish I had!!
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Meant to also say that my cat is indoor only. I do know that if they are outdoor, bloodwork would make more sense to me! They would have a much higher risk of disease I would think. But then again, what do I know?????????? LOL
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It really depends on the age,background and health of your cat. I would ask what they are screening for. Most vets want to do a complete blood count to make sure the cats immune system is functioning properly. Most vets do not want put the cat under anestesia if there's a chance the cat will get ill afterwards or during.
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When I suspected Satey of Urinary blockage a year ago, the vet of course did a full blood workup on him. I got a printout back with various things such as Cholesterol level, insulin, etc. I personally think it's a good idea in older cats (and overweight ones such as the case with my Satey) to have this info.
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Thanks for your thoughts everyone.

I just talked to the vet and got a little more information. The tests are completely optional since my cat is only about 15 months old. She said that they do about 18 tests to check liver function, kidney function, blood protein volume, etc. It sounds like they do a lot for only $40. So it's a good value, but do I really need to do it? I'm leaning towards having it done, but I'll have to check how much extra money I have.
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Unless my cat is over 5 or seems to be having trouble, I skip the blood panel. Of course, you should do what you feel is right for your baby
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When my Soltie and Sadie reached the age of 6 years the vet started checking their liver and kidney function before putting them to sleep to clean their teeth. He also used anesthesia that they did not have elimnate through their kidneys, which is a little more expensive. When the gas was taken away they woke up. He said he likes to use this on cats over 5 years of because he considers that middle age and anything over 10 years senior citizens. The total cost for 1 of my cats to get their teeth cleaned is $120. It's ashame I can't put them on my dental plan.
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I am still learning, and no expert, but I would think the blood workup is important because to clean the kitties teeth means putting them under. The Vet must make sure that the cat's organs are functioning properly before anethesia.
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