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can they be a friends?

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HI, I’m a new member. About a week ago I rescue a cat from the shelter. He is sweet 9 months cat. The first night at our home he spent sleeping on my chestJ. But we got in some problems, and just not sure how to deal with them. We have a 8 months Doberman. She wants to play with a cat right now. And cat is afraid of her. Actually I’m just not sure how to help them to become friends. Is it possible at all?

Thank you
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I know they could be friends, but I can't give you any advice on how to make that happen. I've never had a dog before, but I know that when our next-door neighbor's dog would come over to visit, him and my last cat were fine together. And no, I'm not kidding. He'd come to our door and beg to be let in. He would then spend hours watching TV with me and the cat. Those two had no problems whatsoever from day one, though.

I know there are others on the board who can offer advice, and I'm sure they'll be along in a bit to share their experiances and offer ideas.
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although dobies are not usually friendly with other dogs, they are okay with other pets. They are intelligent, so if you have put this dog through obedience course and she is obedient to you, this will be a plus. I would take this dog on a long jog prior to the first meeting. Take her somewhere in an open field and hide her toy from her and let her find it, mentally stimulate her, so you will gain her full attention. Then jog home. Put her on a choke chain and lead, and on the down and stay command. Bring the cat into the room carefully no where near the dog. Let the cat down, and let the cat find the dog, she will. Keep the dobie on a stay and hold that lead, you do not want the dog to lunge. Let them find their way with each other, it can work. BUT as I tell people over and over you cannot control the cat, nor should you. Your focus should be on controlling the dog. If she hasn't been through obedience courses do not do the intro it could go very badly.
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Thank you for the help. I’m trying to use your advice. They getting better, but sometimes, I think Doberman likes to chase a cat just to show who is the boss. Cat still stays in high places, when he tries to go through the room a dog starting to chase him. We trying to control the dog, but we cant keep him all day long on the leash, and cat don’t want to stay separately, alone in the other room.
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I have a dog with 3 cats. We didn't get our cats until the dog was much older so we didn't have to deal with an excitable 8 month old pup. Hissy's ideas are excellent. My dog knows what gentle means so that went a long way for us. The fact that you have said it is getting better is good. Your dog is young and I'm sure very smart. These things just sometimes take time so I would be patient. Definitely keep the dog under control. Offer rewards to your dog for good behavior with your kitty but never with rough behavior. When we got our first cat everytime they were gentle, came close and were calm, etc...we would give the dog praise and pets. It was an exciting day when they sniffed noses. Really praise your dog when he's gentle. The other advice I would offer is to make sure your dog feels special. The more he feels left out the harder it is. Dogs don't want to miss out on anything. I don't think the control issue will totally go away ( my dog controls by stealing the cats toys ), dogs like to be alpha but your dog and cat are young enough I would bet they can be great friends! Oh, and more thing. As you probably know, dogs are very food oriented so I would feed them at the same time....my dog looks forward to a small kitty treat too when I feed the cats. Make sure that the cat has safe places to go too. And even if they aren't buddies I will bet that they will work things out. I'm no expert but these were our experiences. Good luck!!!! PS Have you had turd eating issues yet? That is a defintie reality with cats and dogs living together. Dogs love kitty poo! Keep us posted!
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