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Bill's birthday

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Since this birthday is a major one (60), I got a cake and took it down to Bill's job. Since he's been a diesel mechanic, for over 40 years, he got a kick out of being surprised with this:

He and the other guys were arguing, over who got to play with which toys Do they EVER grow up?
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What a neat cake there Cindy! Can I have a piece???

Happy Birthday Bill!!!!
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That cake is too cool!! Happy Birthday Bill!!

And to answer your question - no, they don't grow up. They just get more expensive toys.
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Oh that's great! Fabulous cake - and happy birthday to him!
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Great cake! , Bill!
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Happy Birthday! I try to steer away from deserts, but that one looks like it would be worth moving a mountain to get a taste.
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What a fantastic cake, Cindy!Happy Birthday, Bill!
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Bravo, that is the best cake I have ever seen!
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It was supposed to be a marble cake, with chocolate fudge filling but, it turned out to be chocolate. Nobody seemed to mind, though.

I almost got him a NASCAR dashboard cake but, when I saw this one, I knew that it was the right one.

He now has a new coffee mug, too. It reads, "BILL IS AN OLD FART - 60". I just LOVE "The Lighter Side" catalog.
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Happy Birthday Bill! Great cake!
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Did he try to get into the seat of the bulldozer and scoop cake? What a nice cake he got!
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Great cake!

My mom has always told me that boys never grow up. They just stop progessing at 16.
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Creative! And yummy looking too! Happy Birthday, Bill.
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Love the cake and Happy Birthday to him.
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A dump truck, a mobile crane, and a tractor with a bucket and hoe; what could possible make that cake any better? -awesome cake!
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Umm... Awesome cake.. Wish these puters were 3D so I could reach in and grab a slice of it. Bill !!
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What a cool cake Hope he had a wonderful birthday.
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He was late, getting home from work. We're going out to dinner, tonight. Even without dinner out, he seemed to enjoy his birthday, though. There's still a lot of life, in that old goat!

I passed along the birthday wishes and Bill says "Thank you".
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Oh wow that cake looks delish! Happy belated birthday Bill!
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