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I felt Chloe's kittens move!

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Oh I'm getting so excited to see the kittens being born. I need to get my video camera charged to preserve the event! (In case you don't know, Chloe is a foster cat through my rescue, and because we've always speutered, I've never had the chance to witness the miracle of birth up close and personal on any animal - just on tv so I'm pretty psyched!)

I have a question though, Chloe has been itching herself, like she's got fleas, how soon after she gives birth can I advantage her, or do I have to wait until the kittens are weaned?

Jack (our shy foster boy) is just a love and is coming out of his shell more and more. He goes tonight to showcase, and has to be treated for a case of earmites, then he gets to come out and join the general population. I have been slowly introducing him through the door to my guys and with extreme supervision and we are finally at a point where my girl actually touched noses with him, didn't try to eat him, and didn't hiss. I wish she would get over herself with Chloe though, she tries to eat Chloe, so they have to stay separated. Oh well..... such is the life of a cat owner right?
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Isn't it neat to feel the kittens? I have never wanted to feel a human baby move, but have always loved petting a queen's tummy and feeling the kittens. Besides, the mom cats seem to enjoy the caressing. Heck, I'd enjoy some caressing!
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how pregnant is she?

i think frontline do a flea treatment you can use on pregnant kitties.
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But, we think she's going to give birth within the week or thereabouts. Probably not today or tomorrow, but soon I might just hold off since it's only a few more days most likely.
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if your not going to flea treat chloe chemically its a good idea to comb her with a flea comb and maybe treat your house. fleas on kittens are very dangerous. you cant (to the extent of my knowledge) flea treat newborns so you'll need to pick the fleas of the babies with tweezers and dip them (the fleas not the kittens!) in alcohol or water with detergent to kill them.

when my kitten was small we couldnt find any commercial treatments for very young kittens so we took her to the vet and they flea sprayed her.
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