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I actually read the book first! Then bought the CD of the original cast, watched the silent movie, then the recent movie. I have yet to see the stage production and would love to. It's been through my area, but I couldn't afford the tickets.

Originally Posted by sunnicat
I forgot to mention, my dad bought me the Special Edition dvd for Christmas. I'm overdosing on Phantom here!
I've got to have it myself, too!!!!!!!!! Been checking the Amazon.com site! Then I need my own TV and DVD player so I can play it all the time!
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Originally Posted by Leto86
We have had a few different Andrew Lloyd Webber cds for quite some.

In November we watched the movie when my brother rented it. I LOVE that movie! It is awesome! and the young girl who played Christine, I forget her last naem but her first name is Emmy, she was only 16 when she did that part, and she did all the singing for her character. =)

In sleep he sang to me.. in dreams he camee, that voice which calls to me, and speaks my name.. and do I dream againnn.. for now I findd... The Phantom of the Opera is there... inside my mind...
Sing once again with me our strange duet.. my power over you, grows stronger yet.. and though you turn from me to glance behinddd... the Phantom of the Opera is thereee... inside your mind... those who have seen your face, draw back in fear.. -sings it-
Emmy Rossum. The Amazon site has some neat notes about the film online.

You're as bad as me! Only I keep humming the Phantom's part when he appears at the Masque Ball. "Why so silent , good Messieurs..."
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I haven't seen the movie, but I saw it on stage in Toronto 3 times when Paul Stanley was playing the lead, and I wish they would have given the movie roll to him.
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Originally Posted by ugaimes
Haven't seen the movie yet but the stage show is fantastic. ANYTHING Webber does is magic!
Ok I think you didn't see Whistle Down the Wind. Not so magical.
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I'm taking the DVD back to the library today. Played it 5 days in a row. I think I am addicted to it. Not to mention I've started staring at Gerard Butler's crotch.

Good thing I have my computer back! Now I'm back to my TCS addiction!
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It is coming to The Fox Theater in St. Louis this July. I'm going, I'm going!!!! Just a little hyper.
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omg thats my favorite play. i saw in it tronto 10ish years ago with my class. it was awesome. the movie was good, they changed some things and cut a few songs. but its good
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Sunnicat - I would love to be able to see the Phantom at the Fox! It is an awesome theater with its own theater organ. www.fabulousfox.com I took the backstage tour with my friend (she lived about 3 blocks from it then). I'm only 3 hours away...

The Fox actually had an incident where its grand chandelier fell some years ago. No damage to it, but it cracked the balcony rail!
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