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Yes, though for your sig theyneed to be really small - around 22kb at medium quality. If you preview the signature after you make it, you will soon see if they are too big or too small. It took me several goes to get it right. Looking forward to seeing pix!
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Humph. Uploading cable sold with camera-phone doesn't fit camera-phone. Wondering why I bothered with camera-phone. Will have to exhange...next weekend. Will take film photos (prefer them anyway) and get a cd made to upload. Sigh.

Thanks for your help, Jenny!
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Nothing is ever as simple as it looks!
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I'm so pleased that Imogens problem is sorted! .

Can't wait to see pictures of her!
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Originally Posted by imogen
Hi, all!

I'm brand new to this site and have a strange problem. I adopted a 5 year old cat from a local shelter. Her owner had died and she was alone in the house for nearly a month before being found. After two weeks on kitten food, she's back to a healthy weight. (Hooray!)

BUT she has the oddest problem. She drools when she purrs. That's the only time I notice it. She did have eye discharge, but this has cleared up. (Although it did leave her with a fur-less patch where the discharge was.) She occasionally sneezes.

The shelter owner says all the cats there are healthy and attributes this to stress. She has settled in well (aside to an aversion to the upstairs) and is eating and drinking.

Any ideas about this bizarre condition? Could it be herpes?

Many healthy cats drool when purring when they are kneading at the same time. One of my cat does when she is kneading on me and purring. I guess they get so content and relaxed they relax everything, even their swallowing. If the only time your cat drools is while purring, I would not worry.

Edit: I read further and see your cat had a respiratory infection and drooled even when not purring. Hope all stays well.
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My kitty is drooling now, but she has a nasty URI. Maybe a vet trip is in order?

Edited to add: read that she did have a URI. I'm sure she'll feel better soon!
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Thanks to ALL of you! I appreciate the caring advice and interest. (As soon as I get uploading sorted, Rosie, I'll post pix.) I've had cats before but never (touch wood) one who needed to see a vet for more than a yearly booster. Thanks for the help. Imogen IS feeling better...and so am I.
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