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need help

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Hi, all!

I'm brand new to this site and have a strange problem. I adopted a 5 year old cat from a local shelter. Her owner had died and she was alone in the house for nearly a month before being found. After two weeks on kitten food, she's back to a healthy weight. (Hooray!)

BUT she has the oddest problem. She drools when she purrs. That's the only time I notice it. She did have eye discharge, but this has cleared up. (Although it did leave her with a fur-less patch where the discharge was.) She occasionally sneezes.

The shelter owner says all the cats there are healthy and attributes this to stress. She has settled in well (aside to an aversion to the upstairs) and is eating and drinking.

Any ideas about this bizarre condition? Could it be herpes?

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Awwww bless her little heart

I've no idea?!. I know a guy at work has a cat who loves to put her front paws around your neck and when scritched she starts purring and drooling.

Whats her teeth like because that can cause drooling as well if they need seeing to?!
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Teeth seem healthy--she has the tiniest mouth! There is no discoloration or odor...

Isn't this strange? Glad to hear your friend had a purring/drooling cat...
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Her sneezing could be because she's in a new environment?!. I know both Rosie and Sophie had the odd sneeze for a week or so and thats what i was told it was because they were fine otherwise.

Have you had her long?, and has your own vet checked her over?

I'm pleased she's settled in with you ok after her ordeal poor mite
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in college my room mates cat drooled when she purred, but that turned out to be a symptom of an upper respitory infection (even though she didn't seem to have anything else wrong with her that just seemed strange and I insisted that she go to the vet) and when that was cleared up the drooling stopped. I have never had experience with any other droolers
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My mother in law had a cat that drooled. Most loving kitty just drooled...drooled...drooled. Mouth was okay and gums were okay but have the vet check your cat for mouth or teeth problems. Could just be a reaction to being abandoned (stressful, poor kitty). Thanks for rescuing!
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Thanks for all your concern and advice. We're headed to the vet on Tuesday (I'm a teacher and school won't let me off to go to the vet...) if she's still drooling and sneezing. I'm hoping it's stress and not herpes... Any idea how long stress symptoms would persist? Weeks? A month? She's very sweet and loving, but I'm not fond of getting slimed!
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Oops--didn't answer. I've had her for just under two weeks. However, I was away last weekend. A friend came and spent time with her every day, but I'm sure an empty house brought up uneasiness...
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Let us know how the vet visit goes along with any pictures of her!.

I've no idea how long it would take with regards to the stress if it is that, but if you show her lots of love and affection she'll be one happy, content kitty, but it sounds like she's settling in very well already from what you say!

Being on her own for a month couldn't have been easy for her bless her
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Thanks, Susan. Will do! She's a pretty little brown tabby...named Imogen!

(My other cat is Beatrice (called Beazy) ala Much Ado...Thought with her history this little girl would fit the character from Cymbeline who is married to Posthumous. Plus, her last owner called her Jenny. Now, she's Gennie, but she doesn't know how to spell...)
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I have two kitties out of eight who are droolers, the happier they are, the more they drool......if you're going to snuggle them, you'd best have a kleenex handy!
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Our cat drools when he's in a very cuddly mood. He'll drape himself across my shoulders, playing "fur collar", purr, and drool all down my neck.
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While I'm glad to hear there are other drooling kitties out there, I'm a bit worried that they're all STILL drooling. Is there no way to stop this? I find it off-putting. (Will share any info the vet has for me Tuesday.)

Cheers, all!
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Originally Posted by imogen
While I'm glad to hear there are other drooling kitties out there, I'm a bit worried that they're all STILL drooling. Is there no way to stop this? I find it off-putting. (Will share any info the vet has for me Tuesday.)

Cheers, all!
I don't know of any way, but it doesn't bother me. We used to have a Boxer (champion drooler), and my sister has a St. Bernhard (almost as bad). A little bit of kitty drool is nothing in comparison.
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lol--You're right. Imogen drools MUCH less than a St. B!
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My oldest drools when she is *really* relaxed and I'm petting her in the places she likes the best. I think it's sweet because it shows how happy and comfortable she is. Aside from an occasional wet spot on my shirt, I don't mind it at all.
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Keep a towel handy and put it on your lap. Hope it's just drool and not a health issue- please let us know-
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my kitty drools when shes doing her 'happy dance' and kneading my stomach. its the thought of all that milk she could be getting.

much like homer simpson and the thought of doughnuts!
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Our dear departed Jimmy used to do this during a cuddling session. He would knead with his front paws and saliva would just dribble all over you. The vet said it was a "pavlovs' dogs" reaction and he connected the cuddling/kneading with the anticipation of milk and so salivated.
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My Ella drools when she's happy although my other two cats don't very often. I'm sure it's a happy thing kitty2: try Imogen on catnip drops (you can get them in the supermarket - GoodGirl make them) - then you'll really see her drool - they can't help it!

Good luck!

Gillian, Ella, Harry and Oz
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Thanks, all. We're off to the vet to make sure everything is all right. This drool--really thick--is getting worse. It's no longer just when she's purring. Now she's slurping away. She is still sneezing and still has eye discharge--which has worn away her fur under her eye! The cattery still says stress and the vet is closed until Monday. We'll wait 'till then and see if I can't pop to the vet during my free period Monday.

Thanks for all your drippy stories!
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I have one that also drools when she is getting Loved on
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Welcome to TCS! How wonderful of you to give her a loving caring home! Poor wee thing.
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Spoke to a different vet who said it sounded like cat flu and to bring her in asap. So, we're off to pay for emergency vet fees...
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Poor little Imogen! I'm so glad she's found a safe and loving home with you now. Hope too that you come back from the vets reassured this morning.
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Oh no! I hope she's ok. Let us know asap!
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Good thoughts coming your way for Imogen. I hope it is nothing serious.
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And the winner is...SharonKay! Imogen DID have an upper respiratory infection. Her throat was swollen and that was causing the droolage. Now, with a couple of shots of antibiotics (and tablets to follow this week) she should be fine. Cheers for all your help and good wishes!


ps How do I upload pictures of Imogen so you all can see her?
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Wow! Thank goodness you took her to the vet. To post pix you need to first upload them to a picture hosting service that allows you to send them to message boards/forums. It sounds complicated but it isn't. There are a number of such sites but I use


First you must resize your photos for the catsite. I find that if I resize them to around 400 width, that is OK for posts but still much too big for a signature.
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Cheers, Jenny! I can use the site and then put them in my signature?
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