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Wow, this particular thread has many layers on many issues some overt and some more subtle. I applaud lakeriedog for the support of law enforcement officers, my own Eric being one of them, and also having a B.S. in Criminal Justice I try to see issues from many angles. But what I will also add is that one of the biggest detriments to the U.S. Criminal Justice system in the past decde has been the use of mandatory sentence requirements......the public has been lead to believe that this will tighten the loopholes for many offenders, but what it has done is to put heavy sentence burdens on non-violent crimes of personal drug use and consumption, and gross misdemeanor convictions, thereby clogging the prisons with populations otherwise served better by different venues.....populations in our prisons are sky-high, judges are pressured for early release and also tied to a point system in a mandatory sentencing structure, thereby they cannot always award really stiff punishment when needed, rather, they have to sentence by a pre-ordered guideline based on points the person has, not necessarily the gravity of the offense. Case in point, possession of heroin (non-violent) carries 400% more time than frottage of a minor.