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I'm SOOOOO proud of my little boy!!

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Wow I'm so pleased!! I've just had the results of Alex's "assessment" from playgroup posted through the door it's a far cry from the council tax bill this morning folks! Each year, the kids are individually assessed to see what they can manage to do in naming shapes and colours, counting, reading their own names etc... and Wednesday was they day all the kids in Forres were tested in this way. (As well as getting their photos taken - which I will post as soon as I get copies!)

This time last year, Alex was bouncing off all the walls - completely unable to string together a coherant sentence because of an unrecognised allergy to additives in food - preservatives, colourings, sweeteners, you name it, he coudln't have it. We worked it out last summer and since then he's been on the up and up. It all showed up on the assessors report of him and his behaviour that he was a "problem child". This time she came out and asked me specifically if I'd been teaching him a foreign language. After telling her that I'd been teaching him a bit of Danish because of our moving, her face lit up and she exclaimed "So that's what it was - I didn't recognise it at all! You know he's counted and given me colours in Danish today as well as in English!?" His report this time around states:

"extremely bright child - above average intellect for four years old, matured vastly emotionally and now has wonderful temperament. Calmed down and is now settled nicely with classmates. Is currently learning second language (Danish) alongside English."

I'm SO proud of him! He knows when to pull out all the stops and this time he was well and truly charming! His photos are sure to come out well because he struck all the angelic "Butter woudln't melt in my mouth" poses he could think of" OMG I sooooo have to share them when I get them!!
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You've got a right to be proud! I can't wait to see the pictures.
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Oh, Emma! That's wonderful news! Can't wait for pics of your brilliant little darling -- I'm melting in anticipation!
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Fabulous! What a smart little boy you have there!
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You must be beaming, Emma! What a smart little boy Alex is, and what a wonderful Mommy he has! Sure am looking forward to those pictures!
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aww!! thats great!
italian was my second language but i grew up with it. since i was born hehe.
Danish shouldnt be so hard if you know the pure scottish right???
i really hate talking to my scottish relatives i can barely understand what they say over the phone!
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Emma, that is truely wonderful!!! How proud you must be!!!
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That is great news. I would be very proud too. He had to get it somewhere
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Good for him and you.
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Oh how wonderful for you both!
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