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Do cats get bored with wet food?

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Good morning everyone!
Since we moved, Eponine has liked eating her "dinners" (wet food) less and less. She has been eating Whiskas seafood-flavored wet food 2-3 nights/week for the past 2 years, but ever since we moved, she has lost interest. I try to make dinner time exciting, and she still comes running when I put the wet food in her bowl. She'll eat a couple of bites, and then never touch the rest of it (she still eats all of her dry food).
Is it possible she is sick of this brand or tired of wet food all-together (didn't think that was possible)?
I'd love to be sure that Eponine really enjoys eating the food I give her. Thanks for any advice y'all can give.
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I only give Rosie and Sophie a small amount of wet food in the morning for breakfast, then in the evening when i get in from work.

They have their kibbles throughout the day but always seem to look forward when they get their wet food
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What type of wet food do you feed them? Any that seem especially yummy to cats?
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I now feed them Gourmet Gold and Petite Pate which are by Purina. Their a bit more expensive than Whiskas because Rosie would only lick off the jelly and gravy in Whiskas and many other brands that i tried and i ended up throwing it out.

They have 70% more meat and fish in them to other brands so i don't know if this is the reason why it all gets eaten up?!
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first off, i think you should stop feeding any fish -flavored food to your cat, they're not good for them. In fact, you should never feed fish.

Second, try a high-quality food. I feed fancy feast roasted turkey (not super-premium food, but high quality nontheless) and Marsh gets 3oz a day. He LOVES it He looks forward to wet, even thought he still eats a lot of dry.
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Whats wrong with fish flavoured food or fish?, thats a new one on me?.

I knew too much tuna can be bad for them.
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The fish thing is new to me, too. Eponine usually loves seafooed-flavored anything. I give her those Aquariyum treats and she goes nuts! Is it healthier to give her chicken and turkey-flavored wet food?
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When Rosie and Sophie were spayed although my vet gave them a couple of tins of special nursing food they also said to give them a little boiled fish or chicken mixed with boiled rice as it would settle on their stomachs better until they ate properly.

Yes i don't see why you can't give the chicken and turkey as well!.
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CJ and Billy each get half a can of cat food in the morning, and at night. I feed them Purina Friskies canned food, and they LOVE it! It's much better for them than the cheaper stuff, too, because they have a lot more energy! Anyway.... I give them a variety.... different flavored food, and they never tire of it. Maybe try getting her a variety... not just the same flavor.

P.S. What's wrong with seafood and seafood flavored food? That's new to me, too.
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Yes, cats can get bored, variety in canned food is a good idea. Find a favorite 2-4 and consider rotating between them.

Re fish, based on my research, I don't see this mentioned anywhere...with tuna (real tuna as opposed to supplemented cats foods with tuna...the important supplement being Vitamin E), a cat can develop a disease called steatitis, and I did find one report saying some claim tuna has allergens that cat's may react to (first time I've read that). But there are a lot of other fish used in various cat foods...sardines for one, mackeral, salmon.

I do feed various "contains fish" canned cat foods to my guys, and have not had a problem traceable to the food to date.

My 2 cents,
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Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom I think I'm going to try Eppie on a variety of Purina and Fancy Feast wet foods. I'll let y'all know if it works. I just want to know that she's enjoying her meals as much as her mama enjoys the foods she eats
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Another thing you might try would be to heat the food a little. It can bring out the aromas and make it more appetizing.

As for the seafood, my vet mentioned that it may play a role in hyperthyroidism, though there haven't been any conclusive studies that I know of. I also read that the foods with fish or liver may be irritating to cats with interstitial cystitis (they can cause recurrences in people, and it is assumed that they may have the same effect with cats). Since I have a hyperthyroid kitty and an IC kitty, I'm going to avoid the liver and seafood canned foods. I am just starting to switch them over to canned because of the higher moisture content.
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