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The cat book just arrived

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I will send it out later today. Since it has been so long the order is as follows:

Mr. Cat- Cleo-Alexnell-Blue-Sandie-Debra Myers-AirPrincess-Billie-Michalrad-Deb25-Elinor-Illusion-Jeano369-TLK-Tapestry-nena10-DebbieA-Jugen-Amanda-Debby-Suzerq98 and lastly Anne. Let's hope this trip is successful and speedy!
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since Sandie, MicheleRad & Donna are in the same place (or very close) maybe they could all sign it at one time? Then Billie could send it directly to Deb25?

just a thought

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and have a book signing party that is fine with me. I just signed them up in order of when they posted their interest to the original thread. Heck, Donna just uncork the wine and you guys can take turns reading the book to each other, get soused and have a great time. Don't forget to enclose one picture of your cats inside though.
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Yippee!!!! I can't wait. I was afraid that after all this time, the book was lost forever........Wait - I have to find my camera! and film!! What to do.... What to do?????
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Thats terrific Hissy!

I'm looking forward to the book, but I wish I wasn't so high on the list, I wanna be closer to the end so I can see what everyone else puts in it! (stomping foot) Oh well, can't always get what ya want.
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Yay! Thanks, Hissy, for re-starting the book project! I await its arrival with bated breath (or something). I guess I'll have to do more editing on my remarks to be included in the book, as now they run to 246 pages.

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