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Broken Tooth

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After we got Buddy saved from the shelter and got him to our vet, it was noticed he had a broken upper front right tooth. Its snapped off maybe halfway up or less and the vet said the root was exposed. Now, to me that sounds pretty painful because I don't have the best teeth in the world and also get some pain once in awhile and I hate it. The vet said unless the tooth became infected and abssesed there was no need to remove it, especially because its a curved tooth and goes back in longer then some of the others. My teeth hurt without being abssesed, and they are not even broken in half.

So my question is, is it better to leave his tooth knowing he "might" be in pain and hiding it or is it better to have it removed now before it becomes a more serious problem? I would like to trust the vet, but tooth pain sucks for cat or person or so I would imagine.

Granted, money will be a huge issue as usual, but I find it extreamly hard to bear the thought of Buddy hurting on a regular basis and think maybe part of why hes bitey is that his tooth is drawing his attention to his mouth. On the other hand.. if he is in absoutly no pain, then surgery seems risky and unwarrented, even if his tooth is broken.

Any thoughts?
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While I am in no ways authorized to give any kind of kitty medical advice, I'm with you and would not like to think about Eponine having tooth pains. I'd possibly get a 2nd opinion from another vet about what to do with Buddy's tooth. I also know, tough, that there are others on this board who are much more knowledgeable about kitty dentistry that can offer you wonderful advice. I wish you and Buddy luck, whatever you decide!
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Oh i've no idea Cirque?!. Obviously if we have a tooth snap we have to get it seen to before decay sets in, but i don't know if cats teeth are the same?!.

I know i would be wanting to know if they would get the same sort of symptoms as we do though without having to wait for an abcess to form
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Get a new vet.
That tooth is nothing but a source of infection and pain. It needs to come out ASAP IMO.
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Originally Posted by Dr. Doolittle
Get a new vet.
That tooth is nothing but a source of infection and pain. It needs to come out ASAP IMO.

I agree. Especially if the root is exposed it's possible for it to become infected quickly which could lead to even worse problems. He might be acting normal, but cats hide pain very well. And a broken tooth sounds very painful to me.

Let us know what you decide and how he's doing!
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