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What do you all plan to do this weekend?
I want to go see "Constantine" at the movies.
Other than that, not much is planned.
We have Monday off for President's Day!
I am going to see an ENT that day and he'll hopefully be able to help me with all of this coughing and congestion! (I've been coughing since October.)

Everyone have a great day!!
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Sure hope your ENT Dr. is able to help you, Bobbie! Enjoy your long weekend, and have fun at the movies! Hope you'll let us know what you think of Constantine

I'm off Friday night and plan to snuggle up with my baby girl and sleeeep, a treasured comodity these days! Work the night shift Sat., Sun., and Mon. nights, so hope you guys will be right here with me!
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Tonight i'm out with the girlies!

Saturday will be a day of retail therapy!, then a relaxing night.

Sunday is always a day of rest and i might just stay in my nightdress!!
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Well, if Sunday doesn't just sound like the perfect day, Susan!
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Be sure you stick around after the credits as there is a scene at the end!!
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Today is Bill's 60th birthday, its payday and I have the day off, with pay! I have ordered a cake and am taking down to Bill's work, as a surprise. Tonight, we're going to the new Claim Jumper restaurant, for dinner (my treat, of course). This is the first one, in Tucson. Their online menu looked pretty good and its close to our house.

Tomorrow, my friend Jennifer and I are going to a job fair, at another call center. They pay $2 and hour more than we're making now and a lot of our friends have gone over there.

After the job fair, we're hitting the backroom sale, at Old PuebloTraders - everything is $3.99. They sell very nice women's clothing, at very good prices. Their sales are not to be missed, though. Last year, I got a $200 suit, for $10.99.

The dogs are getting new collars, this weekend. They play and drag each other around, by their collars and the collars are getting very frayed. Now, if I could figure a way to keep their tags on. They pull them off of the collars and leave them on the patio. I've replaced the flimsy rings, with heavy-duty keyrings and they bend those out of shape, too.

Have a good weekend, all.
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We have Monday off, too. Eppie is getting her annual checkup that day (Shhhh! Don't tell her that!) Gonna spend the weekend doing some fishin' I think Hope everyone has a fun and SAFE one!
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Sounds like everyone is going to have a very nice weekend!

Today I'm going over to my boyfriends for a few hours, then I have to teach a group exercise class in the afternoon, then I'll be back at my apartment studying for a test on Monday and hanging around with my roommate and her boyfriend, and then Brendan will be back after he gets off work at 11.

Saturday I have to work at the visitation center at 830am. After that I'm meeting my mom (who I haven't seen in a month) at the Altamonte Mall where we'll have lunch and do birthday shopping as is our tradition. YAY! Then we'll both come back to my apartment and enjoy some homemade lasagna courtesy of my roommate. Then Brendan will once again be over after he gets off of work at 11.

Sunday I'm going to my parents first thing in the morning (have to beat the Daytona 500 traffic) for my birthday dinner! My dad always makes my favorite dish (canaloni) and it's something I'll probably be going home for when I'm 50 lol. My whole family will be there, though Brendan will not , and my sister-in-law (a baker) will be bringing a delicious vanilla cake with fresh strawberries in the middle and a whipped topping! Then it's back to Orlando and over to Brendan's for a couple of hours.

Monday I have my finance test. BOO on that...but if I can get through boring Monday it will finally be my actual birthday.

All-in-all I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Definitely tell us how Constantine was though. I know Brendan is dying to see it!!
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Claim Jumper...

Cindy it's so good! As you're a big chocolate fan, be sure to get the Motherload Cake. It's a HUGE slab of about 7 layers of chocolate cake (seriously it's about 10-12 inches tall!) with wonderful chocolate frosting, with chocolate shavings on the outside on top of the frosting. Probably no way you can eat it there because the portions they give you are HUGE, but they have very nice carry out boxes just for the cake.

Big weekend plans for us, kinda. The NBA All-Star Game is in Denver this weekend, and while we weren't able to score tickets (not terribly disappointed with that since I'm really not a basketball fan), we did get an invite to a VIP Party (hosted by the Denver Nuggets Cheerleaders ) tonight. We've been told that there really will be VIPs there, but it starts at 10:00 (I'm such a wuss anymore!), and we've also heard that downtown parking lots are doubling and tripling their prices for this weekend! We'll probably go, just haven't figured out the logistics yet.

Saturday I have the first real Team Meeting for the High Power Rifle Team to start planning for Nationals in August. Should be interesting to see who will be on the team this year.

Sunday is the Daytona 500, which is usually a good race. (except for the year that Dale Jarrett lead the race from start to finish except for during green flag pit stops, that was quite a boring race!) Good thing racing season is starting since my hockey season got cancelled.
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Originally Posted by valanhb

Sunday is the Daytona 500, which is usually a good race. (except for the year that Dale Jarrett lead the race from start to finish except for during green flag pit stops, that was quite a boring race!) Good thing racing season is starting since my hockey season got cancelled.
What's funny is that I've spent my whole life avoiding the races in Daytona. Planning on what days I could leave my house to go shopping or go visit my dad's store (as both of those things are RIGHT up there on International Spdwy Blvd), and here I am again this year planning my drive home to my parents around it, since I'm going home on Sunday.
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Hopefully finish up homework and catch up on lectures.

I want to go see Phantom again before it is out of the theaters. Other than that I just want to relax!
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BIG weekend for me! Since we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day Monday, we're starting tonight. My daughter goes to her dad this weekend so I am free to be nutty.

Tonight: Dinner at my place, watch a movie, and "other stuff". Oh and exchanging V-Day gifts.

Tomorrow: HE WILL NOT TELL ME, but I know at some point in the evening we are going to some fancy place to eat dinner. He mentioned "painting the town orange" (my favorite color) so I guess I better be prepped for anything!

Sunday: Recovering, most likely; and cutting the template for my new bathroom floor.

I'm off Monday too. Hail Prez Day! My daughter has a really cool tropical birthday party to go to, 'no parents allowed', so I plan on walking over to the bar across the street from the party-place and hanging out w/ friends til she's done partying.

Gonna be a great weekend! Happy Friday to All.
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I forgot about the Daytona 500, being this weekend. So much for hoping that Bill would get to the weeds, on Sunday. Actually, I can forget about Sundays, for the next few months.
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We have Monday off as well. My husband works every Saturday and he's taking tomorrow off. So, we'll probably just go spend money. Sunday, Dick and his son are driving down to Salem for his grandaughters birthday and I'm staying home. I just adopted a new dog last weekend and I want to spend a little time with him and try to get some of my school work done. Monday is wide open. Other than picking up Dick's daughter at the train station it's a free for all.
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Cindy please wish Bill a Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have a fun time planned- which shoes are you wearing? It is after all his special day!

I am lying low. Just trying to regain my strength after being ill. Still no word from the docs what it was that hit me like a freight train, but I did eat dinner last night for the first time.

Mike wanted to go see Mr Pacifier? I think that's the name? Vin Diesel's new movie. But I told him I am not up to it. I'm behind on a project that I need to finish and other than that I am just going to be here working on it-
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very calm weekend for me. nothing even planned to my knowledge. Well my sil's parents are coming in and we may have to do dinner but probably not. We definitely have to do some shopping for some upcoming bdays. I'm working monday but have fri the 25th off in honor of presidents day (we had to split the vacation so the other girl is off monday and then i'm off friday which is fine for me!). Next weekend looks to be filling up fast but this one is just a catch up weekend it seems..
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