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I know a lot of us also have horror stories that have nothing to do with the doctor(s) and are simply because the whatever-it-is took forever to diagnose. I've been struggling with one of those for nearly 2 years now. I've seen probably 6 different doctors (one midwife/RN, two general prac., two gynocologists and one dermatologist) and they've tried all sorts of treatments and tested me for all sorts of things. I've tried eliminating all sorts of things, to see if it is a topical allergy. Zip, zilch, nada for all of it. For some reason I haven't yet decided I'll never get rid of it, or I'd probably get really depressed. Sigh. I know I'm not the only one with a condition that stubbornly refuses to identify itself. Oh, and I should say that all the docs I've seen have been very helpful and concerned, and my current gyn is very sorry he hasn't been able to help yet. The dermatologist was a hoot, though, and maybe I should see another. He was obviously not comfortable with looking at my *ahem*, and sort of leaned back and examined me as briefly as possible. It was hard not to start laughing!
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Originally Posted by Obi
. He was obviously not comfortable with looking at my *ahem*, and sort of leaned back and examined me as briefly as possible. It was hard not to start laughing!
You know how they tell you when looking a painting to stand back about 6 feet, to really appreciate it? I think that's what he was doing with your *Ahem* He was literally made speechless by its beauty!
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I had a bad experience and looking back, it wasn't the fault of any doctor, just a fault of the circumstances.

I was 26 and found out I was pregnant. 2 days later I started to spot and that night started hemoraging. Assuming it was a miscarriage, the doctor did a DNC. I get home that day and got a call from my sister that dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor and they were to operate the next day with about a 10% chance to survive the surgery.

He survived (for another 9 months), and with my doctor's approval, made a plane reservation to fly out to Tucson to help mom when she brought him home from the hospital a week later. The night before we were to bring him home, I had stabbing abdominal pains and spent the day at the hospital with him trying to avoid fainting - of course I didn't bother to tell anyone that I felt like someone was twisting a knife in my stomach. That night I asked my mom to call a cab to take me to the hospital (I wasn't going to bother her with my problems right then). She takes me to the hospital and am misdiagnosed with an infection due to the DNC the week earlier. They give me pain medicine and antibiotics and send me on my way. The pain doesn't subside for a week.

6 weeks later and 4 more doctor visits later, I'm still bleeding and the doctor finally admits me to the hospital for a scope. It turned out to be what I had suspected - an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy - my tube had burst while in Tucson and the pain meds saved my life by killing the fetus. I spent a week in the hospital totally anemic with a high fever because my system was so shaken by the experience.

But here was my lesson on this: if something serious happens to you medically, either don't change doctors or make sure that each doctor talks to each other about your condition. My problem could have been found earlier had I not made that trip out of state and went to a different doctor.

And the good in all of this experience (in a twisted sort of way): I found out that my husband at the time wouldn't support me in my time of need. He didn't bother coming to the hospital cause he said I was "boring", and my family couldn't come cause they were all in Tucson taking care of dad. We divorced later that year.
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Well my story isn't a doctors story it's a dentist story and I'm sure you have probably heard me tell it before -

Last year I went to the dentist for a check up, half an hour after our app time we got asked in and I lay down on the dentist chair, etc etc and she started "How often do you brush your teeth"
"At least twice a day"
She started screaming at me and Mum, then she asked Mum to get out of the room and she started jabbing around some equipment and I said it hurt, she said "That's because you don't brush your teeth"
I got up and called her a "B*tch" and walked out, they have lost alot of their patients because of this horrible lady, I now go to a place called the "Gentle Dentle Centre" 100% nicer!
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
YAY!!! LOL I think you, Stephanie, and Robin all need to move up here to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada just incase! Don't worry I can pay you in Baker, Cola and Tango kisses
On the way, Ashley, anything for those sweet kisses!
I have incredible sympathy for each and every one of you who have had these horrible experiences. I, personally, am terrified of Drs.
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Originally Posted by hissy
My worst time came in the OR I was having a second surgery, the first one had happened about a month ago. I told the anesthesiologist that I had recently had a major surgery- no problem I was told, it is all in your chart. Now count to ten backward....

They sliced, I woke up and screamed. I will never forget that searing pain and the look in the eye, when I sat bolt upright on that table screaming in agony. They did not charge me for the drugs during that procedure.
You poor woman! I do hope they knocked you back out quickly!! That's my biggest fear. . . . being awake during surgery. I once woke up too early while in the middle of a dental procedure (implant - consists of having a titanium screw placed in the jaw bone). I was aware of everything (sound, feeling), but was paralyzed from the drugs and could not move or make a sound! A feeling of nauseousness came over me and I nearly threw up. That's when I was finally able to get the surgeon's attention and somehow let him know that I was going to be sick - he immediately gave me some medication to stop my nauseaousness. When I came back a few weeks later for my check up, I made sure that he knew how unhappy I was that he let me wake up too soon!! He apologized, and the next time he pulled a tooth (under anesthesia) he made sure I was asleep until he was completely finished.
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I think we've all had our share of bad experiences. Thankfully, there ARE many compassionate and caring health care providers out there. They are not perfect and do make mistakes. They are human. That's when we need to speak up and do something about it. . . . complain to managment, or in extreme cases, contact an attorney (trust me, I had to do this once when I was misdiagnosed with appendicitis and nearly died). I owe my own life and that of my daughter to caring doctors - those who saved me from the first ones that nearly killed me and those that saved my daughter when she had complications at birth.
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On my end, I don't blame anyone for what happened. My body was resistant to the drugs given to me and this freak thing happened. I have had 3 surgeries since that day and I always tell the anesthesiologist about this experience. I didn't sue anyone. It happened long ago when I was in my 20's and back then not everyone was "so sue happy." Do I wish it had never happened? Yep! It causes me some anxious moments any time after when I am being put under. But I have known other people who went through worse, so I just count myself lucky that they were fast enough to put me back under away from the pain.
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Geez, I have nothing compared to the horror stories I just read! But here goes:
When I was with my first husband I got so sick that he had his friend take me to the ER. I had cramps, pain and nausea. I was doubled over and sure that my appendix had burst, well after waiting over an hour for a doctor, He strolls in( from what was an obvious coffee break, seeing as he had crumbs from something on his jacket, no big deal but geez can ya give me something for the pain at least!??) and looks at me, tells me "you have the flu", gives me a shot and sends me home. no tests, nothing more. I got even though, I puked on the ER Floor. The pain didn't go away so I went to another doctor a couple of days later.(not the ER)It turns out that I had a Urinary Tract infection that was so bad it landed me in the hospital for a week. I wanted to kill that ER doctor, the sad part is, he is STILL in practice. and I've heard other peoples horror stories from him!!! Our towns Doctors scare me!!!!!!!
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