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White Blue eyed kitties

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Does anyone know anything about Blue Eyed White Kitties? A friend of mine wants one. I told him that usually in most blue eyed kitties they are deaf. I do not think he believes what I am saying. I have 2 that have yellow eyes. Neither are deaf. He wants a kitten. Prayers
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Not all blue eyed whites are deaf, just most. Also, if the blue eyes are linked to a siamese gene they will not be deaf. Rene has a blue eyed white that is hearing, she also has an odd eyed one blue one green that is deaf.
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I have heard that alot of blue eyed white cats also have liver problems. Is this true?
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There hasn't been anything published that relates the blue eyes to liver trouble. The only link there has been is the loss of hearing. It also holds true that if an odd eyed white has one blue eye, usually just the blue side is deaf.
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A friend of mine has a blue-eyed white cat, and she is completely deaf (but can meow very loud!!). I read that it's quite common. And odd-eyed white cats can be deaf on the ear corresponding to the blue eye.
I also read on a vet book that white cats are more likely to develop a skin cancer than other cats.
Of course this is no good reason to give up the idea of having a blue-eyed white cat. If it's deaf you just have to keep it indoor (something I would do with all cats) and avoid picking it up from behind, all of a sudden. It wouldn't be a good idea to breed them, but they can be very nice pets. This friend's cat can't hear when someone comes close, so she's easily frightened. That's it.
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This is a little off the subject, but not really: when Gizmo, our 9 month old bengal was a kitten, his eyes used to cross on him. It used to be when he was extremely wild! I brought this up to the vet, but there was nothing wrong with him. Course, now, the only time Gizmo's eyes cross is when he is trying to steal my food from me I guess the smell gets to overwhelming for him. His eyes sorta cross when he gets wild or if you look at him when he is in a silly mood. And, he is a snow marble (seal lynx) bengal w/ blue eyes. We also thought he had bad hearing, but it was selective
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Wow wow wow! Snow marble! Blue eyes! Is there a picture of your wonderful cat somewhere? Or could you post one? I want to see him!
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Ya! Go to my web page: http://www.catzrus.com I have a lot of pics of them.
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Don't white Persian cats have blue eyes? I know that they are not completely white, but mostly, I think.
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White persians can be also orange-eyed or odd-eyed. Like other breeds.
Why do you say they're not white? They are. If they're not, then they are chinchilla (with black nose and pawpads, instead of pink, and a light shade).
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I don't know, for some reason I thought for a minute that there may be another shade in there somehow. I guess not.
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