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HELP!!!! Buddy got out and is missing

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Hi all!
I have read the forum many times to learn more about cats, since I'm a first time cat owner. But Buddy (my kitty) got out last night, we think somewhere around 3 a.m. Unfortunately my Boyfriend and I got into a little fight at the door when he came home from a night out, and I'm afraid that's when Buddy snuck out as the door was shutting. Anyway when I went to work this morning, I just assumed he was still sleeping like he sometimes does at (5:45 a.m.) but sure enough around 11:00 I got a call that he was gone. My boyfriend and I have been going crazy and freaking out trying to find him. I've read all the posts and this is what we've done....
Searched around the neighborhood, asked people around (mailman thought he saw him, but not the right kitty), posted fliers, local radio station has been announcing the loss, I'm putting an ad in the paper tomorrow, I've put some of his used litter out to put a scent down, placed some of our used clothes out so he could catch a scent. I also called my vet for some advice and he told me NOT to put food out, 'cause he may eat when we don't see him then venture off again. My boyfriend did put some food out for about half an hour while I was out looking, and I came home to 2 other cats, none Buddy. It's almost 24 hours!!!! We are beside ourselves... any ideas help?!!!! What's the average time a cat will disappear for?
Just a side note, we have some ferral cats that seem to have Buddy agitated and meowing in the middle of the night to get outside the past 2 weeks, could he be with them? Plannin to head out again around 2 a.m. and taking of work tomorrow for the search. Any insite would be GREATLY appreciated! He's so sweet, I hate to think we'll never get him back. Oh and by the way, he is neutered and is a little over 1 year old.
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Ok first of all calm down. He may not be outside. He may have been scared at all the fighting and is hiding inside. You need to keep your voices low while you are in the house and not give in to the hysteria that I know is overcoming you. It's hard, I know, but it can be done. Take a sheet of paper. Write down every room in your house. Go in each room one by one, list all the furnishings, recliner chair? He could be up in the stool- flip over furniture carefully- write each piece or potential hiding place. Look everywhere for him, cross off the list every item you check. Why the list? It keeps you focused. Don't think he can't be places, cats can hide everywhere. I know one kitten that was eventually found inside a kleenix box! Leave nothing to chance. Now go and search your home- carefully and methodically. Don't fling things around, just take it one step at a time and just search-

Once you are sure you have searched everywhere, then you broaden your search outside-

Good luck!
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my cat was missing five days and came back by herself. my friends cat was missing two weeks and came back wearing a collar with someone elses name and number!

make sure you ask the neighbourhood kids and old folk to keep an eye out, they are the ones that notice cats. the kids around here helped me find my cat (even though she wouldnt come back until she was good and ready!).

cats are so territorial its a good chance buddy will come back.
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Thank you for your advice. Buddy came home at 2:30 a.m. last night. We were about to go out for another neighborhood chech and my boyfriend decided to call him. He cam out crying and scared. Looks like he may have gotten in a little scuffle but nothing too bad. Now we just have to try to keep him in, he keeps crying to go back out, since we live on a major road, we can't let him.
Thanks again!
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I have found that noise averion can help cats stay back from open doors. I have used the harshe crinkling of plstic bags to encourage Erissa to stay back. i walk in with it. I can see her now through the galss before the door opens. I open it and she runs back five feet and waits till it is closed. A friend suggests having a neighbor come over with an boat air horn. Then have the cat go with you to the door. The nieghbor on the other side honks the horn when the door opens a little bit, yet not enough to see the neighbor. I here this only takes one or tow tries.

I know cats and dogs have sensitive hearing. Yet they are also sensitive to truck tires, antifreeze and coyote saliva. A few minutes with load noises offsets the down side.
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Please take Buddy to the vet on Monday and have him thorougly checked out.
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Good news, I am glad to hear hes home safely!
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I'm glad Buddy came back!! I know it's scary. Milo was out for about 12 hours overnight the other summer. Stayed up till 4 in the morning trying to find him. Got up at about 7:30 that morning and he was huddle in the corner of the patio crying and scared. He hasn't gone out since!
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