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Crossing Over Question

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I had heard that Jon Edwards was going to go to Ground Zero with the victim's families and try to get some answers to gain closure for some of them. But I haven't heard anything else about it. Does anyone know? I have watched his show a couple of times and sometimes I think he is a fake, and other times I believe he is real, it is a hard call to make. I would think though, that if he is on the level, he would get overwhelmed at the crash site and not be able to function because of all the messages coming through. I just wondered if anyone else has anything to add about this?
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Hissy - I heard about this on another message board. Seems that he filmed everything but then the show was pulled by the network execs because it was in poor taste and also really seemed to be monitarily motivated. Here's a quote from the Washington Post about it:

John Edward, the medium who hosts the chat-with-the-dead show "Crossing Over," has taped segments in which he purports to contact victims of the World Trade Center attacks.
But America may never get to hear what they have to say because yesterday afternoon production house Studios USA axed the whole idea after reporters and station execs -- the two least queasy segments of society -- actually cringed.

Studios USA Domestic Television President Steve Rosenberg says they scrapped the idea after getting a whiff of the negative reaction.

"This is too good a show to do what might offend the audience," he told The TV Column. "If in any way it gave offense to the audience, it's just a mistake.

Personally, as a Christian, I don't believe that loved ones can be contacted after death. Once a person dies, their soul moves on to either heaven or hell. However, I do believe that a lot of these mediums believe they are contacting the souls of the dead, but I think they're being deceived by Satan's demons.

And that's all I'm going to say about that! I hate talking about that kind of stuff. Scares me.
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But in July of last year, I suffered a head injury and while I was unconscious, I visited with my son who had died 21 years ago. I never gave much thought to out-of-body experiences before that day, but I am a firm believer now that they do exist. I rememeber vividly everything that happened while I was out, and when I was finally rushed to the ER the first thing they did before even taking medical history was pump me full of morphine because I was in such bad shape. True, there are some charlatans out there who are making money on the naive, but there are others that are divinely guided and able to do a lot of good.
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I think if he was able to make contact then it should be shared with their families - only if the families want it and are ready for it. I don't think that these messages should be for everyone. It is too near the event for enough of a separation of emotion to occur. While I am not a firm believe, there are too many unanswered questions for me to say it doesn't occur.
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Let me tell you of my experience with a medium named Vickie Moore. I had never spoken to this woman in my life. I had a one hour telephone conversation with her and it was spine tingling! She told me stuff NO ONE knew and I mean absolutely nobody! I do believe in channeling. There are some whackos out there that are true rip offs. But this woman channeled my mother, father and even my father's cat which she described to a T. She also told me how my father died, what he died of and the fact that he was found dead in his apartment, and what position he was in when found. It took me three days to actually absorb all that she told me and make sense of it all.

I do not believe that ANYONE can predict the future. But I believe in Vickie Moore. By the way, it was not motivated by money, as she did it as a courtesy to me.


P.S. Thanks Colby
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I am all for "psychics" or however you want to call them. Of course, many of them are for "entertainment purposes only" but I believe that some really have an extraordinary power. My mom went to see one years ago. She works out of downtown Boston and my mom went in with some friends. She did such an amazing reading on my mom ( this was over 20 years ago ) that my mother still talks about it today! I am not sure if I would go to one myself, they sort of give me the creeps, but I do believe that they can be exhilarating. My husband on the other hand is basically an unbeliever. There is no changing his mind, so I don't even try. His mom got a card reading done quite some time ago and she predicted ME in his life. He still can't "explain" it..........weird stuff.
As far as these people making contact with the dead, well I don't really have an opinion. I know a LOT of people have had this done and swear by it. I guess if and when it happens to me then I'll be a believer as well probably!
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I am a Christian. I believe in Heaven and Hell. My Mother passed over in 1987. Since then she has visited me three times. These visits were as clear and lucid as the visit I had with a living, breathing neighbor just yesterday. I was not under the influence of anything and the visits did not frighten me; rather the opposite, they comforted me. Above all else I believe in the power of "Love". God is said to be LOVE and I know that my Mom loved me; as I loved and still do love, her. This is why I do not think that the "visitations" from my Mother were "Satanic". I don't know if she is "always around me" but I am grateful for the times she has chosen to bring me comfort by these visits.

I do not confuse my Mother with angels. Our loved ones do not become angels when they die. They are (forever) spirits. Angels were created by God to serve "specific" purposes.

These are my "beliefs" on this subject. I don't ask that any of you believe the same way. I am just telling you where I am coming from on this topic. TLK
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I believe in spirits. Sometimes it is the strangest feeling that I get. My grandmother, whom I was very close to, died in 1996. She died of a massive heart attack at my parents house. I was 19, and that day, I found her on the floor in the bathroom dead. Sometimes, while I am in our computer room, by myself, I feel that someone is watching me, or is looking over my shoulder. I'll ask my husband if that was him, and he says no. So, I believe in my own heart that the feeling that I have is my grandma checking in on me. Now, some will say no... it is not a spirit. I remember telling my mother-in-law about that about a year or so ago, and if you ask me, she thought I sounded crazy! Then on the way home from work a few months back, my husband & I got into the discussion about ghosts, etc. He doesn't beleive in ghosts. So, I asked him how do you explain the "presence" that I feel, and his explanation was, "oh, maybe it was maybe one of the cats!" You know it really p.o.'s me when someone tells me that. Because you know what.... You don't know!
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I too believe in outer body experiences, I've never been able to talk or see any of my friends or relatives, but if other people say that they have, who am I to say they're wrong.

I went to this Tarot card reader when I was younger; and the things she hit on were amazing. I walked away from her almost ready to faint. She was so dead on right and not to mention, I had an incredible job at the time and she told me that I was going to move from Florida to the north...well, I did NOT believe that! That was impossible...well, about three months later, I had an offer I couldn't refuse, my job took me to New Jersey, I lived there for four years working out of Manhattan! ....Ummmmmm...I've tried to find her since, just out of curiosity and also to tell her what happpened, but without success.

I don't know too much about this guy...I used to freak out on him; but now, I think he's a own opinion of course. I guess if he was to tell me a few things, I'm sure my opinion would change.

As for ground zero, I personally think it's up to the families without promotion from TV's....if he's that good, maybe he can do it out of courtesy. Ya know, a contribution to them....just a thought.

Love & Peace,
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Will Ferrel did a hilarious spoof of Jon Edwards on the SNL episode with Drew Barrymore.

This isn't exact, but you can get the gist of it:
"I'm over here (turns toward audience members)"
"There's a 'J' coming through. Anyone over here with a 'J'?"
Everyone looks puzzled.
"Maybe it's A 'k', 'm', 'n'?"
No one says anything.
"An 'F' or and "S' maybe? 'T' 'U' 'V'?"
Nothing. He decided he is with a different protion of audience. Drew and a friend pipe up.
"Someone who drives a car. Wrote a letter?"
"Someone who slept in a bed is coming through..."

Anyway you get the point. This had me in stitches!
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I have never watched the John Edwards show. My mother died of cancer 10 years ago, and it's a little uncomfortable for me to watch, because it hits too close to home. I have always been fascinated by the whole tarot card/fortune telling/spirits, ala sixth sense stuff.

I have a friend who works at a radio station in Portland ME. after last Halloween he called me to tell me about a woman he had on his night show, that could communicate with spirits. She said that she could see and speak to them, and that we all have loved ones that have passed that watch over us, and when she speaks to someone, thier loved ones come to her. He was blown away by her (she would do thier morning show like once a week but this was his first experience with her) and told me about some of the things she had done. Since he was the one in the studio, taking calls, he knew this wasn't a set up.

I got her # from him & called her & left a message that my friend Mike had given me her #. She called me back & even though she was booked until March (this was in the beginning of Nov) she made an appointment for me for 3 days later. She said since I was a friend of Mikes (who she adored) she would only charge me half of what she normally did for a reading. I offered in return to send her some cds. She said since I was willing to do that, she would charge me NOTHING (she normally charged $100 an hour).

I called her on our appointed time. She knew nothing about me, (and my friend Mike is a 'business friend, who doesn't know much about me either. Has never met me face to face. we talk once a week about business & he has no personal details about my life) because I hadn't told her anything. The first words out of her mouth once we started where, 'who's adopted? is it you?' Well, I am adopted. She then said that my grandmother was there with her (now my birth grandmother has passed, not my adoptive one) and she asked me if she had died before I was born, because she didn't think we had ever met. I told her it was because we never had. Then she said my mother was there, and said that my mother had died of cancer, had she not? She had (and this is a pretty general guess, because alot of people die of cancer). She told me that my mother wanted me to know that she was out of pain, and 'whole' again. What did this mean she asked? I said that my mother had a masectomy (sp) and maybe she meant that were she was, she was whole again. She then said to me 'you were there when your mother died, weren't you?' I said yes. she said 'you stood on her left side, and you kissed her on the cheek'. I have NEVER told ANYONE that. My mother was in a coma, and before we let her go, we took turns going back to say our goodbyes. I stood on the left side of her, held her hand, told her I loved her and kissed her on the cheek. I hadn't thought about that in years. That right there proved to me that this lady was the real deal. That is a random 'you've been in a bad relationship, haven't you?' kind of comment.

Not everything she said was dead on, but at one point she asked me who Robert was. Robert is my boyfriend. She said that my mom thought he was charming. She said my mom wanted to know how Ellen was. Ellen was my moms bestfriend. She said that my mom was worried about Don. Don was my stepfather & married to my mom when she died. He has never recovered from the loss. She said that my mom goes and visits him, and tries to give him signs that she's there, but dismisses it as wishful thinking. the first 7 years of my mother death, my stepfather would spend march (thier wedding anniversary) through August (her birthday) only getting out of bed to go to work. He's gotten better but the last time I saw him (it was the first time in like 3 years) his hair had all gone white, and his teeth had turned rotten because he stopped caring. I KNOW that my mom is concerned about him, and hearing Vicki tell me that, only strenghten my belief in her gift.

Vicki also knew something, that I have told noone else. That my mother told her. Not going to go into the details, but it left me floored.

I'm a pretty agressive driver & have always enjoyed driving fast. I was actually voted 'worst driver' in my high school. I wrecked many cars & my mom was always getting after me. At one point during the conversation, Vicki said to me 'you mom says quit driving so fast! you're scaring her!' IMO that isn't something that you pluck from thin air & anyone can relate to.

She told me that my mother says I have to stop missing her so much, because she never went anywhere. She visits me through out the day, and every morning she gives me a hug, and she kisses my forehead every night before I go to sleep.

At one point she said to me 'is your father alive?' and I asked, my birth father or my adoptive father? and she said 'I mean your adoptive father, I know that your birth father has passed because he's standing right in front of me' I never met my birth father because he died before I found him. I didn't tell her that he died.

The whole experience was draining, and when it was over I couldn't stop crying for days. Not that it was a bad thing, but my feelings were exposed, and all the carefully constructed walls I had built to protect myself from the pain had been stripped away. It was a very emotional experience. I would do it again because I believe that she was the real deal, and I was able to communicate in some small way with my mother. Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion, and this is just my experience. I know that it was my mother, and not a demon, or malicious being. Before this, I'm not sure what I believed. I had an open mind about it, but had never personally had an experience with it. Now I have.
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That was staggering and as I know you, I know you are not prone to exaggeration and that this experience did happen as you relay it did.Although at times you have a devilish style to your humor, you would never expose yourself like this without being strong in your convictions that it did indeed happen this way.

After I saw my son, I spent days wondering if it really happened, but then I called his father and passed on two messages that Jeremy had given to me to tell Don. The messages to me, didn't make any sense at the time, but when I told Don he openly wept over the phone and thanked me for telling him. I was also told to tell a friend of mine that Chuckie was fine. Chuckie is the name of my best friend's son who was gunned down in a drive-by in Los Angeles, about 5 years ago. Jeremy has never met Chuckie but knew him by name. Remey was only 18 hours old when he passed away.

I too, do not believe that this manifestation was evil or demonic at all, and for days it just zapped me and left me drained. I was afraid to say anything because I was sure people would vote me most likely to inherit a rubber room, but when I did start speaking out about it, I found I was not alone in this. Many others around me have had the same type of visits from a loved one. I personally thank God that He took me that close to death so I could see my beloved son who I will never forget and who I have always felt has been with me ever since.

Hugs Colby (((((((((()))))))))))) I love ya gal!
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Colby; Reading this made me cry. I know how difficult it was/still is for you to talk about this, but thank you for sharing it. I am not crying "sad" teas, but, rather tears of "compassion". You understand what I meant when I said that these things cannot be of the Devil when they bring us closer to; or give us a better understanding of, those who love us. Love is energy and a Law of the Universe states that energy NEVER dies.
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Hey Y'all,

Who is John Edwards? I didn't think I lived in a cave but I guess I do because I always considered myself a big tv fanatic.
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I truelly believe that you can't begin to understand unless you've been through it. I don't blame anyone for being skeptical. It's a hard thing to swallow. We (and Donna as well, because she spoke to the same lady that I did) have all had brushes with this, and we all know,in our hearts and in our souls, that what we experienced was real, and we know it WAS our loved ones that we came in contact with. There's no doubt in my mind, and I know that there is no doubt in yours. I wouldn't expect anyone to understand who hadn't experienced it first hand. It's a hard thing to grasp and believe, but once it has truelly touched you, you have no doubts.

and you're absolutely right Darlene, love NEVER dies.
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Hissy, AP & TLK,

When I hung up from talking with Vicki, I felt "raw", as if I had my guts torn out. I was very emotional after that and tried to make sense of everything. Vicki was "right on the money". She told me that I was raped when I was a child (10) by someone I knew, possibly a sibling (my brother, age 15). She said that my parents were sitting there together in the room with her and for the first time, my father admitted that he was an alcoholic, something he said he was too ashamed to admit before. She knew nothing about me, yet I felt she knew EVERYTHING about me.

I'm greatful that I had the opportunity to talk to her. And although some people think it's nothing but a bunch of hocus pocus, it was definitely a unique experience and one that I will always remember.

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If I may; I would like to take this thread down a "side street" by asking: Do you believe in Past Lives or any form of Reincarnation of Souls (?) (spirits, if you prefer) I am not quite certain what I believe along these lines, but a few (less than 5) times I have had strong feelings of affirmaty with some one I have just met. . . . A feeling of having known them before, or of our having shared like experiences, only under different identities. Is this merely an extension of what we call Dejavu or does it go deeper. I have only had the "courage" to be hypnotised (sp) twice in my life. Both times it was done by a licensed psychiatrist. They were in different cities and the sessions were 6 or 7 years apart. Each time I reverted to(or channelled; I don't know the correct term for the experience) the personality, voice and characteristics (I'll explain what I mean by this) of a French girl named Arianne'. She lived as a poor peasant in the streets of Cherbough and later Paris from 1756-1773. While in these sessions (I have listened to the doctor's tapes); I spoke uneducated, unsopisticated (street slang laced) French. A language I have never studied and would be hard pressed to speak more than 10 or 15 words of under normal circumstances. I also did not use my left hand at all during these sessions (the exhibited characteristics I referred to above). When Arianne' was asked why; I replied that it was because I had hadthe arm aputated above the elbo due to an infection following an accident where my arm had been crushed by an out of control horse carriage. When I came out of these sessions I remembered nothing of what I had said or been asked. I have since had dreams involving this other identity, but I don't know how much of this is due to the fact that I did listen to tapes of both sessions. Neither doctor knew of the other hypnosis; yet the tapes were similar and the second session seemed to pick up where the first one 5 or so years before had left off.

I am relasting my experiences(which I am still trying to understand), in hopes of learning rather anyone else has experienced anything similar, or would like to share how you feel concerning re-incarnation (for lack of a better term).
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I have experienced dreams that seem so real sometimes. I am a woman from mediaval times. The dreams are not an adventure - it is the nitty gritty - drudgery, pestilance, little food etc. I feel if it were adventure - it would be a dream - this seems like memories. Make of it what you will.
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Darlene that is amazing!

Vicki, the woman that I did my session with, who spoke to my mom, also does past lives things. She brought up a few things to me, which I didn't really get engulfed in, because at the time the most important thing was to concentrate on my mother.

She asked me if I was afraid of water. I love to swim, even as a young child, like 5 I hated to wear a lifejacket. I prefer the freedom of swimming without the restrictions. I told her no, and she said, good then you have gotten over it. I asked her what, she said that I had drown in a past life. I was a native american male, and died by drowning. She also told me that in another past life I had starved to death in Ireland during the famine.

Like I said, I didn't delve into these things because I had other things on my mind. I would love to be hypnotised like you were Darlene! If you have any advice or info about how I could go about finding someone qualified, I would be most grateful!
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I forgot to say, yes, I do believe in past lives!
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I find all of this really interesting. I have always wanted to go to a tarot reader or a psychic but I can't bring myself to spend the money on it. I would also want to do some research to make sure the person was authentic. The only thing extraordinary I have experienced is ghosts and I contacted some authentic "ghost hunters" about my experience. They were very helpful because I had been wondering why I had experienced what I did. According to them some people have the capability to see them due to what they call "sensitivity" or "susceptability" Some people have this "gift" their entire lives while others experience it during a particular stage in their life. My situation was the latter (due to a particualr time in my life) and I haven't experienced a ghost in 11 years. Do any of you believe in people experiencing ghosts? I figure some people would probably think I am crazy but I know what I saw and what I felt!
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I have gone to psychics often. My aunt is very into the "new age" type stuff and brings me every 2 years to a psychic fair for a reading. I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 yrs & the psychic said that I would not get pregnant until 2002. She told me this in 1999. I haven't been pregnant yet - hopefully her prediction comes true
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