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Yay! Bella got her own room!

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After MUCH persuasion, my mother agreed to let Bella try living in our "sunroom." The dog's cage got moved to the Office, and now Bella has a huge sunroom with lots of sunny windows and ledges to perch on. Plus, my nerves won't be grated to bits every night when she refuses to sleep and insists on nocturnal explorations that include trampling over me! I worry about her less out there too, maybe it's because I can't hear EVERY time she starts cleaning herself and so I dont start worrying that she's biting her staples out. I feel much better, and I hope she will too! Hopefully my mom won't change her mind. She already said something about it being a little stinky in there, even though I clean out her litter box twice a day. Is there something you can buy that takes smells OUT of the air? My "Scent Stories" thing that smells nice only makes her sneeze!
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My sister uses a new cat litter called "Swheat" or something like that, and it doesn't have perfumes, which are very irritating to my lungs, and I am sure that those scents are even worse than that. Anyway, the litter is made from wheat millings, and gives a nice, "baking bread" scent. Unfortunately, I live in a small town and can't get it, and the shipping charges are too much. I use the straight JonnyCat unscented. Also, I put my kittens on Eukanuba Chicken/Rice and that seems to help. The Lamb/Rice & any cat food with fish really seems to make their poop extra stinky. congratulate Bella for me on her new beautiful living quarters - tell the dog thank-you for moving into the office, it sounds like your mom and the dog like Bella,too. I'm happy for you all! Susan
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Oh she'll love it in there with the sun light and to watch out the window!
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I use Feline Pine, starts as pellets and ends up as shavings. Very absorbant and takes care of most of the oder as well, except from stinky solids but thats a diet or health problem usually.

Please be sure the sun room does not get too hot like a car might thats sitting in the sun. Especially if the litter box is out there 'cooking'. Open litter box vs an enclosed one also will "breath" better and help combat oder or so I am told.

Good luck!
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