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Well our poor cat has had another urinalysis..
Good news is no crystals..
Bad news is PH still high and protein in urine.
They did a blood workup today and sent some urine off to be tested.

Does this mean my sweet kitty is in renal failure??

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Well that would be a question for a vet or an emergency vet tech but your kitty could just have FLUTD simply meaning he is prone to urinary tract infections and they will reoccur in his lifetime. There is a surgery to correct this, but again this is something you should be discussing with a qualified veterinarian
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The vet just called us and Cat's blood work is all normal.. He does not believe she has renal failure. We are still waiting on the urine part of the test to come back. He said that normally if it was renal disease the BUN would be high and hers isn't. They are still concerned for the protein in the urine.

She is on distilled water and Hills s/d for 30 days then they will do a recheck of her urine. We are also on 1 Zeniquine tablet a day for 2 weeks. We can also add the Hills dry s/d with the wet food. Cat will be thrilled. I have to sit with her and shape the wet food into small pieces for her to eat it.

THis is a great board. I read it daily.

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When Kahuna was so sick, I found this awesome website- I hope it helps you as well

Urinalysis explanation
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That is good news! I hope that on retest, everything will have cleared up.
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I'm glad to hear Cat doesn't have renal failure. Sending good vibes to your sweet baby!
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I am guessing your vet is basing the protein on a dipstick (in house). The labs run a much more thourough test, and with the bloodwork looking good, it sounds like you will get some good news when the urinalisys comes back.
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Good news on the renal failure and yes, the BUN level is an indication of this. My Specks (she'll be 18 in April) is in the beginning stages of RF and now she's on a low-protein diet. Funny you should mention the distilled water because Specks and Max were getting lots of UTI's until I changed them to filtered water..I just use my Brita. Since then, they've been fine, knock on wood.

As for the Hills s/d, I had problem with Max eating it so I used my mortar and pestle to crush it up in a powder form and mix it in with his wet food. Worked like a charm. Good luck and more prayers on the way.
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