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gave me a fright

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I gave the cats a few minutes on the deck the other morning. Of course, Oppenheimer decides to go down into the yard and when I went in to fetch some shoes, Serafina got into some serious mischief

It's a good 15 foot drop from where she was to the yard below. Would she back up far enough for me to grab her?! Nooooo. I felt nauseated watching her try to get a foothold to turn around. She did manage it, though, our lovely gray lady.
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oo screws up tummy up from looking! lol
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O' my gosh I would of passed out if I saw one of my guys up there! Happy to hear she managed to get down!!!
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Wow, that's scary.... I'm glad she's ok.
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Phew... Thank God she's okay... My Poocha once did that to me... I let her out on the porch and she decided to wander onto the fence that separated my yard from my neighbors yard... I heard her meow and saw her out on the fence... I was so nervous because if she jumped into the yard next door, my neighbors dobermans were there to get her... she managed to get back to the porch but I nearly died in the meantime...
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Naughty girl!
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that made me nervous just looking at the picture.... i get nervous if sara gets up in the window seals... the windows all over the house are high and there is not enough room for her to turn, but she tries... when she was about 10weeks she got up there and fell, she didnt land on her feet, in fact until she was about 3 months she didnt ever land on her feet if she fell... scared me to death... i checked her all over and called the vet and told them, she still scares me doing stuff like that...
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Yikes!! That would have given me more grey hairs!! Glad she is ok!!
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EEEKK! She'd better be careful.
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That would have scared me to death! I freak if one of mine even tries to get outside!
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Aw thank goodness she is OK! I love your house!
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