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Tonya, I Shall NOT Desert you. . . . .

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MoMo is not the only "Tom" in Love;
Who pines for his "Feline Angel" sent from Heaven above. . . . . .

Tonya, I long to have you curled up by my side.

The vacant space next to me in this picture;
Is where you should reside. . . . . .

Handsome Boyo (Broken-Hearted, don't ya' know)
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If I was Tonya...I would be slinking over right now!
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Your MoMo is so beautiful! I have to tell you that his twin is my BrownBrown! :laughing2...they are truly twins...I'll have to get a pic on here of him. I thought I had a bunch of my kitties on this computer! RRRRRrr.....can't find it...but I will scan one soon!

Love & Peace,
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Oh, I am so sorry for not responding sooner. Please don't be broken-hearted! I long to be with you! Thank you for your beautiful portrait and your lovely poem. Words cannot describe my feelings, upon contemplating your image and knowing how much you want to be with me. How I wish I could fly to your side! Alas, we live far apart; yet I know we shall be together some day.

My human friend Joe has recently changed something inside Samantha, the computer system — something he and a strange fellow who came here recently for a few hours called "cable." This "cable" thing is a good thing, they said; but Joe has been spending a lot of time playing with "accounts" and "browsers" and "dialog boxes" and "windows" and such like, instead of visiting The Cat Site where I could type in a message to you (when Joe leaves the room).

Dear Handsome Boyo, I hope you are in good health. I am feeling just fine, but that cat Bill who comes here every night teases me sometimes. How I wish you were here to defend me! I hiss and growl at Bill, to let him know my heart is for you alone.

Ever your love,


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Will you two please get a room???? I'll even spring for the vibrating wonder bed AND a jacuzzi.

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I've heard a rumor: Cats answering the descriptions of Handsome Boyo, Michaela, MoMo and Tonya have been seen in the vicinity of a motel which offers half-hourly rates!

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Dear Ms. Donna; My sister, Smokey Josephina would like to know if MooShoo is currently "seeing" any lady felines? If not, perhaps he would be interested in getting to know her. She is a grey tabby DSH who is fond of "sleek little guys". She is quite petite herself and a self-taught accomplished ballerina. If he is interested she can be reached at my web address: LoverKat@webtv.net

Thanks for your time,
Handsome BoYo (her photo is enclosed)
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I will ask Mr.Moo when I get home if he would be interested in calling on Ms. SJ. It may take some convincing on my part though, because he is so absolutely smitten with me at the moment. But I am far to old for him. (Way up there in cat years) He needs a sugar mama who will know how to treat him right (the girls at home think he's a dweeb).

Mr. Cat,

Now THAT'S a price I can afford.

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